Court, obligation only for employees

Court, obligation only for employees
Court, obligation only for employees

“We await instructions from the ministry”: less than 48 hours from the entry into force of the stop for those without a green pass, the court of Milan yesterday found itself to deal with the absence of precise indications on how to concretely implement the ‘obligation foreseen by the decree of last October 12 of the Draghi government. Which will have a very particular impact at the Palace of Justice, given that it is due to the detachment of the public building that in Milan sees the highest number of daily entrances. A flow of many hundreds of people that from tomorrow will be composed of two different categories: employees, including magistrates, who will have the obligation to show the certificate; and the “users” (defendants, lawyers, witnesses, spouses awaiting divorce, etc.) who are excluded from the obligation. With some problems of coexistence: as underlined yesterday, during a union protest, a chancellor who works closely with the public: “Why do I have to have the pass, and can anyone come to breathe in my face?”.

The lack of information from Rome was remarked yesterday by Roberto Bichi, president of the court, in a circular issued to all administrative staff and all magistrates, with the full text of the government decree attached. To judges and clerks Bichi points out that “possession of the green certification and its display are conditions that must be met when entering the workplace” and that “the violation exposes the subject to the sanctions provided for”. “All recipients are reminded to fully respect the obligation”, writes the president again. But for what will happen in practice, Bichi explains that “further information will follow depending on the regulation, still to be adopted, by the Ministry of Justice and the provision of the technical detection systems envisaged”.

In short, one day from D Day, the tools for control are missing: they should be totems installed at the entrance for the direct verification of the Q Code. So, initially, you will have to make do with the app on mobile phones. But it is not clear how queues at the entrance will be avoided.

There is no answer to another question: how many dissidents are required to pass in the Palace of Justice? For privacy reasons, the data is not provided. And only the heads of the offices, through a dedicated platform, can check the status of the individual employee, but without the possibility of archiving the data in any way. Will it work?


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