Milan, auction disruption: pg asks for a condemnation for Minister Garavaglia

Milan, auction disruption: pg asks for a condemnation for Minister Garavaglia
Milan, auction disruption: pg asks for a condemnation for Minister Garavaglia

The deputy pg Massimo Gaballo asked to sentence the Minister of Tourism and exponent of the Lega Massimo Garavaglia to one year and 6 months, acquitted “for not having committed the deed” in July 2019 at first instance in the Milanese trial in which he is accused for disturbance auction on a tender for the transport service of dialysis people in 2014, when he was Lombard councilor for the economy. In the second instance trial, the defendants also include the former vice president of the Lombardy Region, Mario Mantovani, sentenced by the Court to 5 and a half years and who was arrested in 2015 for corruption, extortion and auction disruption. The ruling of the appeal process is expected in the coming weeks.

The trial and the accusations

The minister, also former Deputy Minister of Economy, who is responsible for only one of the 13 counts at the center of the trial, was one of three acquitted at first instance, while the other nine defendants were convicted, including Mantovani, the which had ended up in prison in the investigation of prosecutor Giovanni Polizzi. In the first instance, the Prosecutor had asked for 2 years for Garavaglia, but the Court lacked “adequate evidence to affirm” that the former councilor, defended by the lawyers Jacopo and Gaia Pensa, “made a contribution, even if only in the form of facilitating the disturbance “and” there are no elements to affirm its awareness “. According to the accusation, the then Lombard councilor for the Economy in June 2014 would have given, together with Mantovani, “provisions” and “the initial input” to “frustrate the results of the tender” of an 11 million euro tender launched “in aggregate form” by three ASLs for the dialysis transport service. For the accusation, the input of the “illicit behavior of Giorgio Scivoletto”, former director of the ASL Milano 1, who took action to “boycott” the tender in which the Croce Azzurra Ticina Onlus could not participate, “dates back to the phone call between the two councilors (Mantovani was at Health, ed) “of March 1, 2014. Thesis that did not hold up against Garavaglia, while the other ‘protagonists’ of the alleged disturbance were condemned. For the judges there is no proof of Garavaglia’s “awareness” of the fact that the “support of Croce Azzurra Ticinia had assumed or could even take the form of interference / alteration of the open procedure”. Today the prosecutor returned to the appeal of the prosecutor Polizzi to ask for the condemnation of Garavaglia, referring to the wiretapping from which, according to him, the will to “favor” the non-profit organization emerges. For Mantovani, accused of a series of crimes, the pg asked to bring the sentence to 6 and a half years in prison. On 11 November, the defense before the second criminal appeal section (President Boselli) will speak.


Milan auction disruption asks condemnation Minister Garavaglia

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