We are looking for pediatricians in Milan, waiting list for the Corriere.it doctor

We are looking for pediatricians in Milan, waiting list for the Corriere.it doctor
We are looking for pediatricians in Milan, waiting list for the Corriere.it doctor

time to take stock of pediatric care in Milan: the situation is rather serious because with advanced age retirements of medical specialists are accumulating. The void is increasingly felt in the city, where up to now pediatricians have guaranteed assistance to almost the entire population of affected age. I remember that the first massive entry of us pediatricians affiliated with the health service occurred in the eighties and now, backwards, the same pediatricians are retiring from work. This causes shortages in childcare while parents find it increasingly difficult to find a pediatrician with vacancies. Many children between the ages of 6 and 14 have passed under the care of family doctors, but have had to break that relationship of trust with their pediatrician. The replacement is proceeding very slowly: entire areas of Milan are now unguarded. Let us not forget that the 1978 reform of the NHS provides for the right of the child to have a pediatric specialist from 0 to 14 years of age as a treating physician.
Roberto Marin

I called my new GP yesterday to ask for a visit that I think is urgent and I had an appointment in 22 days. And to say that I had changed doctors because it was not possible to communicate with the previous doctor. You could leave a message on an answering machine, and you expected .. At this point I think I will have to resort to one of the many private clinics that, as far as I’m concerned, have never been able to solve any problem, but at least they received me in reasonable time – upon presentation of credit card …
Carlo Heller

Dear Marinello, dear Heller,

public health has been guilty penalized by the policy of cuts and the so-called weak users, that is citizens and children, are at the expense. Between planning errors and reduction of services in the next three years in Italy there will be 16 thousand fewer specialist doctors between hospitals and the territory. The Empam even provides for the retirement of 21,000 family doctors by 2023. For pediatricians the same: Covid has accelerated requests for retirement and the flight to the private sector. The responses of ATS are slow, but doctors cannot invent them. Healthcare is a fixed point for restarting, but at times it seems like a weak point …

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