Neurosurgery: the congress on 3D navigation and robotics for more advanced treatments in Milan

Neurosurgery: the congress on 3D navigation and robotics for more advanced treatments in Milan
Neurosurgery: the congress on 3D navigation and robotics for more advanced treatments in Milan

Milan – Back today in presence in Milan, the 70th National Congress of the Italian Society of Neurosurgery (SINch) which will bring together professionals from around the world to discuss the most up-to-date guidelines for cranial and spinal surgery (, with an important participation of Humanitas specialists.

“The SINch Congress will take place, after 70 years, in Milan, in October, in the same month and in the same city where the first congress of the company took place – he says Professor Franco Servadei, President of the Congress and Extraordinary Professor of Neurosurgery of Humanitas University -. From the very beginning to the management of SINch, among the first specialist surgical societies founded in Italy, representatives of all regions, all Italian cities and both the hospital and university component alternated.

In particular in Milan, the two components both contributed to the development and consolidation of an excellent Neuro-surgery. The 70th Congress reflects these two vocations, as told by the choice to involve as honorary presidents professors Giovanni Broggi and Roberto Villani, which well represent the development and history of hospital and university neurosurgery “.

“During the pandemic, neurosurgery did not stop. Particularly enormous progress has been made in the past two years in the use of augmented reality, intraoperative functional imaging and in the development of robotic cranial and spinal surgery, now undergoing extensive experimentation and specific application – continues Dr. Maurizio Fornari, President of the Congress and responsible for Cranial and Spinal Neurosurgery of the Humanitas Clinical Institute -. At the same time we have witnessed the extraordinary development in the use of micro-particles, proton systems and new linear accelerator systems in the treatment of benign and malignant tumors of the nervous system ”.

Doctor Federico Pessina, Head of Cranial Neurosurgery of the Humanitas Clinical Institute and lecturer at Humanitas University, he will speak at the Congress on the treatment of brain tumors and gliomas where these innovations are widely implemented for the benefit of patients. “The technological evolution of Neurosurgery – add the two Presidents of the Congress – must be accompanied by an adequate preparation of surgeons: the new generations of professionals they will have to develop engineering and data analysis skills. For this reason, for example, Humanitas University has been offering Medtec for two years, a degree course in medicine in collaboration with the Milan Polytechnic ”.

Within the works of the 70th Congress, in particular, the 6th Biennial Meeting of the Spine Committee of the World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies (WFNS) will be held on 13 and 14 October, under the guidance of the Dr. Maurizio Fornari and professor Franco Servadei, where the guidelines for the most important spinal pathologies will be discussed: trauma, cervical myelopathies, stenosis and apondylolisthesis, osteoporotic fractures and intramedullary spinal tumors.

“Among the main innovations that will be discussed, the use of intraoperative 3D CT imaging and subsequent management with computerized” navigation “of the intervention – specifies Dr. Maurizio Fornari -. It is thus possible to deal with absolute precision not onlyor visible structures but also less visible ones, made identifiable by virtual reality and implemented by augmented reality. The result is an enormously more precise and less invasive surgery “. Professor Francesco Costa, Head of Spinal Oncological Surgery Section of the Humanitas Clinical Institute, will take part in the Meeting to talk about cervical myelopathies and the application of algorithms for the choice of surgical treatment of vertebral fractures.

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