“Which Italian economy emerged from the crisis?”. The forecasts in the CSC Report

Confindustria’s analysis is coming

How fast will Italy travel from 2022? Will Italy really return to growth at a rapid pace? These are the questions that will be answered in the analyzes and growth estimates that the Confindustria Study Center will present on 16 October

October 14, 2021

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The pace of recovery of the Italian economy is high, better than expected and better than that recorded in other large European countries. Although some clouds remain linked to the possible increase in infections and to increases and scarcity of raw materials and semi-finished products,
which risk hindering recovery. The production system held up, also thanks to the action
of economic policy, and the GDP is about to return to the pre-Covid level. But they are still evident
the signs of the crisis, especially in some sectors and in the economic conditions of many families.

What strategy to emerge strengthened from the crisis? How fast will Italy travel from 2022? Will we return to the dynamic close to zero, which had been dragging on for decades due to sluggish productivity, or, thanks to the PNRR, will Italy really return to growth at a rapid pace?

The will try to answer these questions Forecast report “Which Italian economy out of the crisis?” of the Confindustria Study Center which will be presented on Saturday 16 October. The event, which will be introduced by the president of Confindustria Carlo Bonomi, will also be broadcast live on the Confindustria website.


Italian economy emerged crisis forecasts CSC Report

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