Green pass work and unvaccinated employees: these are the sectors that risk being stopped

Green pass work and unvaccinated employees: these are the sectors that risk being stopped
Green pass work and unvaccinated employees: these are the sectors that risk being stopped

Italy at risk block. From tomorrow the Green pass becomes mandatory to access the workplaces. And the alarm goes off especially in the world of logistics, especially in ports. TO Trieste was announced a block if the obligation of the green certificate will not be removed for all port workers, of which 50% are not vaccinated. “Free swabs? The only opening is remove the Green pass “, spokesman Stefano Puzzer says but going back on the choice of the mandatory Green Pass would be very dangerous for the Draghi government.

The tug of war risks leading to a blockade of the logistics sector because the other hot front is that of the hauliers, many of which do not have a green pass and among them foreigners in possession of a certificate not recognized in Italy. “If foreign hauliers can come to Italy without the green pass and this will instead be imposed on Italian companies – he adds – we are considering inviting companies to stop the trucks “, says the president of Conftrasporto-Confcommercio Paolo Uggè. For Minister Speranza” we are at a juncture, above all thanks to the vaccination campaign. In these hours there are many first doses in progress.

It is not only the protests staged in the squares all over Italy that cause concern: the productive world and the unions fear the collapse of several sectors. There are still many knots still to be untied, come on controls to tests for those who are not vaccinated up to the problems that could arise in cases in which employees without a green anti-Covid certificate will not show up for work.

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They are employed in this sector many unvaccinated foreign workers or immunized with “unrecognized” vaccines, whose absence – even if only temporarily – could interrupt entire supply chains. And the question of foreign workers – especially from the East – vaccinated with remains open Sputnik, a serum not recognized by the EMA. To overcome the impasse there are several hypotheses being studied, one of these is to administer a further one additional dose with an mRna serum to those vaccinated with sera not recognized by the European Medicines Agency.

According to some estimates, they are different tens of thousands of domestic workers who have not yet received the vaccine and who must in any case be equipped with at least the negative swab result. Also in this case the verification is up to the employer. Several foreign workers are employed in this sector, many from Eastern Europe immunized with Sputnik.

In this sector the percentage of unvaccinated goes 10% to 20%. The absence of so many drivers could create serious difficulties for the coverage of the service and traffic, particularly in large cities. Furthermore, the transport service requires an organization to be carried out in advance by virtue of the shifts. For this, for example, the public transport company in Rome, Atac, will activate a monitoring of abnormal absences from 15 October while the unions sound the alarm of a repercussion on the metro service. Risk of inconvenience to public transport in South Tyrol. In Turin, the public transport company has provided a fast line for faster tampons for employees, the ATM in Milan is gearing up and expects to ask employees for the Green pass well in advance.

90% of goods in Italy travel by road and other drivers may not have a green certificate. Furthermore, many of them are foreigners and perhaps immunized with unrecognized vaccines. The risk feared by trade unions in the sector is that any problems caused by the lack of the Green pass (and therefore the absence of workers) could have a significant impact on transport and logistics companies and consequent repercussions on trade same.

Those without a certificate, therefore unable to access the construction sites, could to block the trend of activities planned in construction field.

The ships of the Italian flag have international crews, many from countries that have vaccinated people with sera recognized by the WHO, but not from the EMA and therefore not in a position to generate the Green pass. Many dockers are foreigners and in many cases, as in the Port of Trieste, a high percentage, 40%, does not have a Green pass.

For business with less than fifteen employees there is the possibility, after a worker does not present the Green pass for five days, of replace the employee with another, suspending it for the duration of the contract as unjustified absence. This suspension can be of the maximum duration of ten days, renewable once and in any case cannot exceed December 31, 2021. In these cases it will be difficult to find a replacement, even more so if it is only for twenty days.

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