debut in Italy with the discount, here’s how

debut in Italy with the discount, here’s how
debut in Italy with the discount, here’s how

Imagine you can pay by simply resting your wrist on the POS. Imagine being able to do this without necessarily having to buy an Apple Watch or other high-cost smartwatch. Imagine being able to finally access this gesture of enormous convenience thanks to a very low cost smartband. From today you can experience all this: a few hours ago, in fact, the new one made its debut in Italy Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6 NFC.

The adventure in our country started from this page with a very special offer: 43,99 euro for those who take advantage of it during the first 48 hours, after which the price will settle at € 54.99. Immediately it will be possible to proceed with the first payments simply by associating the Mastercard payment card issued by Nexi to your fitness band. Furthermore “in an exclusive preview for one month, the customers of the 150 PayTech Partner Banks,
will be able to make payments with Mi Smart Band 6 NFC in all stores equipped with a contactless POS, more than 75% of shops in Italy“.

With the arrival on the market of Mi Smart Band 6 NFC, the daily habits of many Italians will change radically and we are happy to be able to facilitate and enable this change. Paying with a fitness band is fast, safe and reliable. We would like to thank Mastercard, with whom we have a global agreement, and Nexi, for having believed first and foremost in the potential of our device that will help make people’s lives even smarter.

Leonardo Liu, General Manager of Xiaomi Italia

Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6 NFC

A high potential device, therefore: low price, immediate discount and the nerdy charm of a payment system based on a simple gesture.

The activation and payment methods are explained by Xiaomi as follows:

How is it activated?

Activating the payment service is quick and easy: just download the Xiaomi Wear app on your smartphone, pair the Mi Smart Band 6 NFC and register your card in a few simple steps.

How do i pay?

To complete a purchase, simply activate the payment method on the smart band with a swipe and bring your wrist close to the POS. The first payment of the day will require the insertion of the security code chosen when registering the card, but for subsequent purchases it will no longer be necessary. If the device is removed from the wrist, the possibility of making further transactions without entering the pin is inhibited, so the user will be asked to re-enter the code.

The characteristics are the same as the traditional Mi Smart Band 6, with the addition of the NFC element to make the difference. To pay, simply reach out without holding any wallet, smartphone or banknote between your fingers: the transaction takes place via a bracelet with an AMOLED screen and a simple gesture that completely changes the in-store experience.

The future of payments passes exactly from here: small devices accessible to anyone that make payments simple and quick – more comfortable and pleasant than the cash that you try in every way to store.

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