the tourism awards Dove Viaggi

the tourism awards Dove Viaggi
the tourism awards Dove Viaggi

Click after click, Italian tourism is revealed online: the seaside and mountain destinations most appreciated by users, the regions where tourists feel safer in times of pandemics, the destinations where a tasteful journey is a must and those where art and culture are the beacon that attracts. But also those hidden treasures of the hinterland that deserve to be discovered.

There are many facets of the Travel sector revealed by The Data Appeal Company’s study based on 15.7 million digital tracks and on 390 thousand points of interest. And from this monitoring and analysis of big data collected have resulted in the prizes awarded today to Rimini, on the occasion of TTG Travel Experience, the most important B2B tourism fair in Italy.

The award ceremony of Italia Digital Destination

Nine prizes were awarded in the sixth edition of Italy Digital Destination: a way to give back to the territories involved a concrete result of the monitoring and analysis of big data. Thus giving an unprecedented reading of tourism, starting from the online interactions of those who visit and experience those territories. Even dealing with the pandemic, which has radically changed the way we travel.

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There is the prize at the preferred Italian region online from tourists, to the one with the highest Covid Safety Index (indicator that measures the solutions adopted to make tourists feel safer) and the one with the best food and wine offer. And again, the best are rewarded seaside, mountain, cultural and lake destinations. Without forgetting a prize for the best hospitality and one that values ​​theinland.

Italy Digital Destination: the analysis of The Data Appeal Company

390 thousand points of interest and 15.7 million digital traces were taken into consideration, a quantity of data – however large – lower than in previous years, due to a smaller tourist movement and therefore to fewer reviews left by network users.

Overall, compared to a year ago, the number of digital tracks is 28% lower, even if during the summer there was a jump of + 15%. User satisfaction is always very high: the sentiment (synthetic index expressing the degree of satisfaction based on 100) is a 87,6.

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And there are signs of recovery: the short-term forecasts show that the trend in prices and saturation of the offers available on OTAs are increasing. There is a trend towards an increase in flows and tour operators are ready to bet on higher rates and more bookings.

DISCOVER IN THE GALLERY i nine prizes of Italy Digital Destination


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