Green pass, is chaos between ports and trucks. You risk a ‘black friday’

Green pass, is chaos between ports and trucks. You risk a ‘black friday’
Green pass, is chaos between ports and trucks. You risk a ‘black friday’

AGI – There is a risk of paralysis for the transport of goods by road and for all national logistics, not just for ports.

To launch the alarm in view of the entry into force of the obligation of the green pass on Friday are the road transport associations that warn: 30% of road hauliers do not have a green pass and as many as 80% of foreign drivers who bring raw materials to Italy are not vaccinated. So they risk supplying them to a halt.


“Without government intervention, we will be forced to block the port’s activities” The port workers of Trieste do not take a step back and are clamoring for the withdrawal of the obligation to present the green pass at their workplaces. “We strongly contest the choice of the Government – Stefano Puzzer, coordinator of port workers in Trieste, told SkyTg24 – and without a step backwards on the gren pass we will continue to the bitter end with our protest”.

The president of the Friuli Venezia-Giulia Region and the Conference of Regions, Massimiliano Fedriga, also spoke on the subject: “My hope is that with common sense we can reach a balance“otherwise” we risk doing enormous damage, not only to the economy of the city but also to all those workers who work with the port industry, and not only in the port “.


“We want to go to work because we bring the bread home like this. And the companies want to work too: that’s why there must be mediation, of course. It’s not a war”. The testimony, collected by the AGI, is from Josè Nivoi, spokesperson for Calp Genova (Self-employed port workers collective) and USB union leader, explaining the position on the obligation of the Green pass and announcing for tomorrow a garrison of the workers of the port in front of Palazzo San Giorgio, headquarters of the Authority.

“Tomorrow’s garrison falls into this position – he says – If, however, even on the basis of a reasonable thing like tampon management, they (companies, ed.) Do not accept the proposal or have total ‘niet’, we certainly challenge this decision, not on the basis of no vax or no green pass positions, but on the basis of worker safety “.

Although in fact some large companies, Psa and Sech in the first place, have given a favorable opinion on the free of charge tampons for workers, many others have not yet expressed themselves on the matter, such as GNV for example. But the solutions can be found In Italy there is the Italian Red Cross with which the State or Regions can make agreements, make hubs available to companies before entering the port areas.

The solutions can be found, but if the answers are only “no” this inevitably creates a clash. Mediation must be found because the goal must be to protect the work and the worker: “The vaccine is a means to protect the lives of workers, but it is not the only way to protect it – says Nivoi to AGI – Even those who have the In fact, the vaccine can be a carrier of covid, so if you want to avoid covid outbreaks, procedures must be implemented to avoid contagions: one way is the swab. However, it cannot be borne by the workers “

Confetra’s position

“The risk of everything being blocked is objective – Ivano Russo, general manager of Confetra explains to AGI – we have about 900 thousand employees in Italy including hauliers, couriers and warehouse operators, we have an average of 25-30% without green pass. Approximately 30% of road hauliers do not have a green certificate. It is clear that if you subtract a third of the workforce from a sector that is already in trouble, on the one hand because it is growing, on the other because there are about 5 thousand drivers missing, go towards a beheading of the delivery business “.

For Russo, “the serious problem is that of hauliers who come from abroad and which carry the vast majority of the raw materials that run the industry: we import over 50% of the national needs of wheat, all raw materials and chemical components for our manufacturing industry.

All 50% of what enters Italy arrives by truck. For example, the Turkish hauliers who bring clay to Italy will no longer come from Friday and so what happens to the factory that produces tiles? There are two fronts: one concerns our companies and our workers, the other haulage from abroad considering that the vaccination campaigns have not been carried out at all or have failed in Russia or in numerous Eastern countries and around 80 % of foreign hauliers are not vaccinated “.

Confetra therefore asks that “the vaccination obligation be introduced and that in a highly internationalized sector like this one, the current prevention rules apply to hauliers arriving from abroad”.

Along the same lines, Paolo Uggè, national president of Conftrasporto-Confcommercio. “The risk of paralysis exists – says Uggè – and for this reason we are working and providing useful suggestions for road transport and logistics in general to prevent a situation in which some troublemakers get in. The green pass is a method that is not applied. in Europe as in Italy, the vaccine is one thing, the green certificate is another thing.

The situation is better than a year ago, and the question is: but if then we have found solutions so that transport does not stop and we have created a protocol with the ministry, the trade unions and associations, why not go on to apply that protocol allowing a three-month postponement to introduce compulsory vaccination? We set a deadline which can be December 31 by which the vaccine is mandatory. About 30% of road hauliers without green passes are mainly those from foreign countries. The tampon – he concludes – can be used but a tampon cannot be made every 3 days. The solution is the vaccine for everyone within a certain deadline “.

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