Ballot in Rome, Michetti-Gualtieri sparks on Recovery, waste and safety in the TV comparison

Ballot in Rome, Michetti-Gualtieri sparks on Recovery, waste and safety in the TV comparison
Ballot in Rome, Michetti-Gualtieri sparks on Recovery, waste and safety in the TV comparison

Sparks on Recovery, on the role of government for Rome and on the safety. The comparison between the candidates for mayor of the capital Roberto Gualtieri ed Enrico Michetti, a Door to door, was characterized by several moments of confrontation between the two contenders for the Capitol, when there are 48 hours to electoral silence. The candidate of the center right, ended up at the center of controversy these days for his interventions on Jews its Radio Radio, attacked the former minister: “Gualtieri put zero for Rome and in Pnrr Rome is only mentioned three times, ”he said. “I give one underlined copy del Pnrr in Michetti, Rome is the only city it has dedicated funds and, moreover, it participates in other resources ”, Gualtieri replied.

“We need incentives” for those “people who do well” to differentiate waste, making “possible the reduction of countries or compensatory services such as bus tickets – said Michetti – Most likely also on theImu something will have to be done. If the government started thinking about Rome… Paris had 44 billion ”. Gualtieri replied by pointing the finger at “Broken attacks” by Giorgia Meloni, first sponsor of the center-right candidate, against Lamorgese: “How do you get a fruitful relationship with the Draghi government, which is working well with these extreme positions?”.

Michetti, always on waste, also pointed to the “enormous responsibility” of the Lazio region: “We need to make the implants, the waste floor has remained a dead letter “. On the subject, Gualtieri replied with a sort of time schedule: “To make the systems if we are good we need 24 months – the reasoning of the former minister – You have to pay for what is produced and for what is different. We need modern systems ”. And he said he was sure that “you can have a clean Rome and one Tari lower 20% in 5 years “.

In a second round, on the theme of safety, it was Gualtieri who attacked the opponent after the latter had illustrated his recipe against “degradation”: “All this inspiration for safety when there are exponents of Casapound in Michetti’s lists, who would be elected if he wins, but this will not happen… ”, the thrust of the aspiring center-left mayor. Which also focused onIrpef, defined as “very high”: “With a work of lengthening the maturity of the debt, in a positive dialogue with the government, we will be able to reduce it ”by arriving at“ a normal personal income tax ”. In his opinion, “the conditions are in place to better manage the budget”.

Michetti, on the other hand, returned to the major events scheduled for the next few years, starting with Jubilee and relaunched the role of Guido Bertolaso, already ‘designated’ for the role of commissioner: “We will have to accomplish all those things that Rome needs, with a administrative machine that works”. The PNRR funds “need planning” and “a strong ruling class”, added defining the former head of the Civil protection as “the person we have indicated to carry out” these tasks: “We will have the Jubilee and we have chosen a person who has already shown that he can do it”.

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