Exhibition FERDINANDO SCIANNA. Don’t call me maestro – Milan

From October 27, 2021 al January 22, 2022

Milan (MI)

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Region: Lombardy

Place: Still Photography, via Zamenhof 11

Phone: 02/36744528

Opening time: 10-18 from Monday to Friday. Closed on Saturday and Sunday

Cost: Free admission

Where to buy: 0 – free admission

Website: www.stillfotografia.it/

Manager: Still Photography

The exhibition dedicated to Ferdinando Scianna (Bagheria, Sicily, 1943) presents 50 images that tell, through many of his most iconic photographs (from travels to Spain, Latin America, New York, Paris to his beloved Sicily), the career of the great artist contemporary, also known for his uncommon narrative expertise and skill in the noble art of aphorism.

Navigating through his phrases, as well as through his photographs, is an exciting journey: “My images, and not just the Sicilian ones, are often very black. I see and compose starting from the shadow. The sun interests me because it gives shade. Dramatic images of a dramatic world ”.

Scianna has received numerous and important international awards; he has published over sixty volumes; he has worked in reportage, portraiture, fashion and advertising. He writes about photographic and communication criticism, in recent years he has practiced a hybrid literature, crossed on the text / image dialogue (ie on the First Commandment which every illustrated book should obey).

“My job is to take photographs – says Scianna – and photographs cannot represent metaphors. The photographs show, they do not prove ”.

A phrase that finds immediate correspondence in one of his best-known photographs in the exhibition, taken in Beirut in 1976 during the Lebanese civil war, where a Maronite Christian fighter is holding, in shooting position, a Colt M16 automatic rifle, on the butt a decal, oval, of the Madonna.

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