‘Help me find Primo Sole’ Video- Corriere.it

‘Help me find Primo Sole’ Video- Corriere.it
‘Help me find Primo Sole’ Video- Corriere.it

«Primo Sole was stolen in the equestrian club in via di Fioranello, in Rome, the night between 16 and 17 September … He is a chestnut-colored horse, he is 20 years old. I’m looking for it desperately! I promise reward ». The appeal circulates on the Net, with photos of the beautiful specimen. Famous singers like Alessandra Amoroso and Emma, a knight of international standing, six times Italian champion, like Filippo Bologni, and many friends and friends of the blonde mistress, known in the star system for her work as “curator of the look” of artists. You decide the bet, a moment before going on stage or a TV appearance. For a month, however, the celebrity stylist Stefania Sciortino has other things to think about. He does not sleep a wink thinking about what happened to his beloved quadruped with velvety fur which, he specifies, has as a sign of recognition “a white list on the nose shaped Question mark: pay attention! “

StefaniaSciortino, celebrity stylist, and her beloved Primo Sole horse

The report of the theft of the horse was presented to the carabinieri of Divino Amore who, as is often said, especially in cases that are difficult to solve, investigate at 360 degrees. What happened to Primo Sole? Who took him away from his paddock at night in the Ardeatina area and, above all, because? Stefania Sciortino, who is a consultant for Rocío Muñoz Morales, Alessandra Amoroso and Sandra Milo among others, remembers the morning of September 17, 2021 as a nightmare. “The owner of the riding club called me and said: “I have bad news, they stole Primo Sole“. I felt bad, I still can hardly believe it. I miss our relationship, I can’t get over it. ” In the message spread on social media, the stylist he added: “I’ll keep looking for him until he gets home, that’s my only goal. Anyone who has news contact me».

Stefania’s story is a hymn to human-horse love. “I took it three years ago and now Primo Sole is twenty years old: a little old, but in excellent shape. The first time I went to the riding school in via Fioranello for work, a photo shoot. I got curious and signed up for a course. He happened to me and I fell in love … “In recalling the symbiotic relationship interrupted by unknown criminals, the” lookologist ” he is moved. «In a short time, an incredible empathy was created, like love at first sight. With me compared to the other Amazons Primo Sole is different, I can’t explain … Usually they didn’t make him ride, he ran too much, he threw down the girls, and instead the first time I galloped I fell on his neck and to keep me from falling he froze. When I came and called him, he would come out and neigh. He let himself be caressed, pampered … ”

shadow carousel

Primo Sole, happy horse with its mistress

Stefania Sciortino and the stolen horse

Let’s get to the crime: which is the prevailing track? «On the night of September 16th, as well as entering the 17th, a jello day, there was a storm. As soon as I was notified that my horse had been stolen, I got one fits of anxiety, crying, I would never be able to drive… I made friends accompany me to the police station and I implore them to do their utmost. At first I thought I was going to get a request for ransom and that, once paid, Primo Sole would return. An illusion, unfortunately. The other hypotheses are a commissioned theft to resell it, or to bring it to a nomad camp, or a spite for matters I don’t know. The net had been cut and the thieves also stole a saddle, a girth and a saddle pad, to mount it, obviously. But where will they have locked him up now? ” Hope hangs on an even anonymous report, a phone call … «I hired a lawyer to boost the investigation – concludes the VIP stylist, crossing her fingers – and I confess that I also told the story to some fortune tellers and psychics who contacted me, offering free help. I hold on to everything, just to be able to find it. Please, who knows or has seen something help me ». ([email protected])

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