Giulio Regeni, Palazzo Chigi will be a civil party in the trial. The family lawyer wants to call Al Sisi in court

Giulio Regeni, Palazzo Chigi will be a civil party in the trial. The family lawyer wants to call Al Sisi in court
Giulio Regeni, Palazzo Chigi will be a civil party in the trial. The family lawyer wants to call Al Sisi in court

Opens Thursday in Roma, in the bunker room of Rebibbia, the trial of the four Egyptian secret agents accused of the kidnapping, torture and murder of Giulio Regeni. On May 25, the judge of the preliminary hearing accepted the requests of the prosecutor and – after a three-hour council chamber – indicted the agents of the National Security of Cairo. The defendants will be absent, as they were in the same preliminary hearing. If it is assessed that the abduction was voluntary, the process will continue, even with the defendants in absentia. The four agents of the National Security, identified thanks to the investigation of the Prosecutor of Rome, are the general Sabir Tariq, the colonels Usham helmi, Athar Kamel Mohamed Ibrahim, e Magdi Ibrahim Abdelal Sharif for the crime of multiple kidnapping. To the latter the prosecutors also contest the complicity in aggravated personal injury and the complicity in aggravated murder. Palazzo Chigi has stated that it wants to be a civil party alongside the Regeni family: this is reported by the newspapers La Repubblica, Courier e The print. In addition, another novelty emerges on the process: as reported by the main national newspapers, all the Italian presidents of the council who have been in government in the previous five years (therefore Renzi, Gentiloni, Conti and Draghi) will be called to testify. With them also foreign ministers and intelligence leaders. The lawyer Ballarini, who assists Giulio’s parents, also announced his intention to call President Al Sisi to testify.

The investigation, which started immediately after the discovery of the body of Giulio il February 3, 2016 along the road from Cairo to Alexandria, was entrusted to the prosecutor Sergio Colaiocco, first under the coordination of the then prosecutor Giuseppe Pignatone and then continued under the guidance of the current chief prosecutor Michele Prestipino. An investigation that he had the most important turning point on 4 December 2018. On that date, the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Rome entered five Egyptian agents, senior officers of the civilian secret services and the investigative police of Egypt, accused of kidnapping. A result of the work carried out also thanks to Sco and Ros, an active part in the Italian investigations. “I saw Giulio handcuffed to the ground with signs of chest torture”Reported a witness who for 15 years worked in the National Security office “where Giulio was killed. On the first floor of the structure there is the ‘stanza 13’ where foreigners suspected of plotting against national security are taken. On January 28th or 29th I saw Regeni in that room with officers and agents ”, said the witness as reported by the deputy prosecutor Sergio Colaiocco, together with the chief prosecutor of Rome Michele Prestipino, before the parliamentary commission of inquiry into the death of the Italian researcher. A testimony to which they are added others, gathered by the prosecutors of piazzale Clodio, who accuse the four Egyptian agents.

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