“Worried about the country” – Time

“Worried about the country” – Time
“Worried about the country” – Time

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October 13, 2021

It is a late election campaign with a bitter taste for the tones suffered, the character assassination set up by the left against the candidate Enrico Michetti and the leaders of the center-right. Who meet next to the candidate for mayor of Rome, at the Temple of Hadrian, for a press conference at the end of the election campaign.

The leader of the Brothers of Italy Giorgia Meloni notes “the compactness of the coalition leaders who were present” alongside the candidate for mayor. And he adds “it was an unworthy electoral campaign where importance was given to issues that have nothing to do with citizens”. And he underlines: “We would have liked to talk about the problems of Rome, but we have talked about issues that have nothing to do with the citizens”. Then he proposes a pact in 5 points between the forces of the center-right, among the issues greater resources and tools to organize the Jubilee of 2025 and greater autonomy for the municipalities. “The administration would be compact and cohesive around Michetti. Not so for our opponents. Someone makes palace agreements believing that the citizens are sheep. Beyond the interests of the parties to prevent us from winning, there is very little sharing “.

The secretary of the Lega Salvini, for his part, affirms: “The only weapon is a smile and steady nerves. In some Municipalities we will win and I am absolutely confident, for the nervousness of others, for the victory in the Capitol: when you limit yourself to insulting the ‘opponent without a shred of proposal you have some problem “. And then he adds: “I’m worried, I asked Draghi for a meeting because the country doesn’t go far. On October 30 Rome is on TV all over the world with the G20 and how we present ourselves. We cannot fail, but if not let’s stop a geek with an electronic bracelet I’m worried. “

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