“Worried about the country, asked for a meeting with Draghi” – Corriere.it

“Worried about the country, asked for a meeting with Draghi” – Corriere.it
“Worried about the country, asked for a meeting with Draghi” – Corriere.it
from Cesare Zapperi

The center-right and the press conference in support of Mayor Michetti. The president of FdI: “Only killing against us”

«I asked the premier for a meeting. I ask to president Draghi to lead a path of national pacification I am not worried about the fascist-communist clash. Five million workers are at risk of wages, the poor are getting poorer, there are bills, taxes, Equitalia, land registry reform and Fornero. There is a social break between those who have and those who have not. Those who do not have are more and more. Do we want to talk about this or make war on Michetti? I don’t trust some ministers. I will talk about it with the manager, with the CEO of the country ». The leaders of the center-right meet in Rome at the Temple of Hadrian to shoot the sprint Enrico Michetti for the ballot, but Matteo Salvini he immediately throws himself on national issues.

Salvini: “I ask to meet the premier”

“We witnessed fifteen days of night watchman in the bedroom –

continues Salvini -. Then the crimes disappeared and no one apologized. As a professional journalist I am ashamed at the very low level journalism has reached. Another 15 days to study the archive in search of compromising statements. I ask President Draghi to lead a path of national pacification “(and Meloni:” Draghi can be useful for a comparison “). And then again: “Who governs public order in this country has failed to govern 5 criminals” who attacked the headquarters of the CGIL and “on October 30 we host the G20, with what credibility? You can also have a genius to be Prime Minister but if the car is out of control … ».

Meloni: “Shameful Saturday demonstration”

Giorgia Meloni tries to concentrate on the ballot in Rome even if the discourse falls on the strict topicality: “Someone makes agreements

of the palace believing that the voters are sheep. On the one hand Gualtieri represents continuity, on the other the only possible alternative, Michetti. It was an unworthy election campaign, with incredible methods that had the sole objective of preventing us from talking about the problems of the cities. Work has been done to paint the monster. But if we really were, would there be a need for the killer, the violation of electoral silence? I contest the demonstration on Saturday because it is held during the election silence. In my opinion it is a shameful thing. We proposed to do it all together out of electoral silence and the left did not accept, because evidently they need it before the elections ».

Lamorgese’s request for resignation

The leader of the Brothers of Italy attacks the Interior Ministry: «We continue to ask for the

resignation of the minister Lamorgese for unsuspected times, he is an absolutely inadequate minister and we have seen him at 360 degrees, we have seen him on immigration, on raves and on street demonstrations ». Meloni adds: «It now seems to me that the climate is surreal. Provisions to the deputy quaestors because they took the liberty of saying that they do not agree with the government’s measures, and magistrates for whom a procedure is requested from the CSM. What is it? A dictatorship? In Italy it can no longer be said that one does not agree with the government. And then I have the problem … ».

Tajani: “We vote to choose the mayor”

“We also lost the Olympics in Rome, we remember those of ’60,

they transformed Rome, buildings, infrastructures ». Antonio Tajani, national coordinator of Fi, says so. “In Rome there are no shows, there are no exhibitions, even the Sistina does not reopen. We have a vision of the city, we have asked for more powers. We have all condemned what happened now but we ask the Romans to go and vote to choose the mayor of Rome and we believe it is Michetti ».

Michetti: “You can’t govern with hatred”

The mayoral candidate closed the meeting: «Speaking with Giorgia, Matteo, Antonio, we have the same ideals

. We love the homeland, we respect the institutions, we respect the law, we love the rules, we love Rome. So I believe that the center-right is more united than ever on values. Politicians must know that they have the responsibility to govern, not to win. And to govern, the first thing that must be avoided is the climate of hatred. An election can be won, but it is not governed by hatred. I would never want to win with hatred, I would like to win with peace ». “.

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