“It’s a robbery, everybody go out”

“It’s a robbery, everybody go out”
“It’s a robbery, everybody go out”

To retrace it, it looks like a scene from an American comedy film. The hole gang heist fails sensationally in the branch of the Banca Intesa of Trastevere, yesterday in broad daylight. The bandits were put to flight by the young director, forty years old. The hole made in the wall at the foot of the staircase leading to the agency’s underground vault probably gave way a few minutes earlier (at 1.20 pm) than the time planned for the raid, the time of the lunch break, at 1.30 pm, when the employees begin to leave the office and in conjunction with the arrival of the security guard to collect the money. And so the eyes of one of the hooded robbers beyond the tunnel met those of the manager who, attracted by the crackle of the bricks falling to the ground, looked out with a customer from the staircase to see what was happening and, instinct, he shouted “there is a robbery, all out”.

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But the most surprising reaction was that of the bandit, perhaps unprepared, perhaps he was just the commando bricklayer. Who, instead, coming out into the open arms in hand and shouting the usual “stop everyone or shoot” approaching the security guards of the Battistolli security guard who were entering the upper floor, backed away and disappeared, perhaps with an accomplice who was behind his back. “We were just lucky – says the manager still in shock, surrounded by employees, after having talked to the police for a long time – I saw those eyes in the dark, I shouted the first thing that came to my mind, straight away, to warn colleagues and users and he ran away. It is the first time that I happen to find myself in a similar situation and, frankly, I hope it will also be the last ».
The agents of the Trastevere police station are investigating the clumsy incursion. The experts of the Scientific Police also intervened on the spot and inspected the back of the branch from where the gang came into action, while the workers called by the technical office of the bank immediately went to work to repair the vulnus. The bank borders on what were once the halls, corridors and technical rooms of the former Royal Cinema in Piazza Sonnino, now abandoned for years and easily accessible, behind it, from the old emergency exits of Piazza del Drago, perpetually open, also yesterday. The reconstruction speaks of a dynamic already seen more than a year ago, on the eve of the lockdown. Then, however, the hit of the gang of the hole, perpetrated from the same point, at lunchtime and in the same way, succeeded and the criminals left with a loot of just under one hundred thousand euros. Same amount that they expected to cash yesterday.

“We were lucky that that man could cross paths with the vigilantes or take us hostage. Honestly, I don’t know if he was armed, I didn’t have time to realize it, he was misrepresented, all dark, nothing more », adds the director. The policemen are acquiring all the images shot by the cameras inside the bank where, compared to the previous robbery, the alarm connected to sensors installed just afterwards to strengthen the protection system was also triggered. No cameras, on the other hand, are located on Piazza del Drago. Here, workers were also heard working on a construction site in a building opposite. Other images will be obtained from the video cameras positioned in the area to verify the possible presence of a pole near the lens. Meanwhile, the Forensic Scientist has found numerous footprints and also inspected all the underground tunnels that run around the bank. While the investigators of via S. Francesco a Ripa, are looking for evidence with the criminal profiles suspected for the barrage of shots scored by drilling holes in the walls that, just on the eve of the first lockdown, was registered between shops and pharmacies in Largo Arenula and surroundings. Not only. The investigators’ attention is also focused on last Saturday’s raid – but discovered only on Monday at the reopening – attempted against the Intesa dell’Anagnina bank. Here the gang missed the hole, popping up in a nearby office.


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