Milan, the appointment of Tancredi to Urban Planning “in contrast” with an Anac resolution of 2018: “Area manager cannot become councilor”

Milan, the appointment of Tancredi to Urban Planning “in contrast” with an Anac resolution of 2018: “Area manager cannot become councilor”
Milan, the appointment of Tancredi to Urban Planning “in contrast” with an Anac resolution of 2018: “Area manager cannot become councilor”

Not even a week and here are the first problems for the council of Milan led by Beppe Sala. The new city ​​planning councilor of the Municipality, Giancarlo Tancredi, is in a situation of incompatibility, at least according to a 2018 Anac resolution. On 24 January three years ago, theNational Anti-Corruption Authority, led today by Giuseppe Busia and at the time by Raffaele Cantone, sanctioned “the existence of a situation of incompatibility […] between the post of area manager in a local authority […] and that of councilor in a municipality with a population of over 15,000 inhabitants “. In the resolution the Anac never refers to the expressions “resignation” or “unpaid leave”, as a distinction to be able to take on the post. The only possibility is to become a councilor in a local authority belonging to a different region.

Until a few days ago, architect Tancredi was one of the top managers of Milanese Urban Planning, holding the role of director of the Thematic Planning and Area Enhancement Area of ​​Palazzo Marino. He’s the man who puts the signatures they count on future real estate e urban planning from Milano. Already at the center of crucial games, such as the redevelopment of railway yards disused, that ofex Pirellino in the hands of Manfredi Catella, but above all the reconstruction project of the San Siro stadium and adjacent neighborhood by Milan and Inter Milan. Where Giancarlo Tancredi was the President of the Conference of Services and Sole Responsible of the Procedure (Rup) to provide a technical opinion after having acquired dozens of documents, not all in favor of the new “Meazza”, from entities such as A2A, Unareti, the Lombardy Region, the Health Protection Agency, Coni, the Procurement, Sport, Economy and many other departments of the Municipality of Milan.

Tancredi is a trusted man by the mayor and the powerful general manager Christian Malangone. Sala wanted him by his side after meeting him “since I was a city manager” with Letizia Morattihe said presenting the “team” to the press on 9 October. The problem is that the Anac resolution, on this point, is very clear and leaves little room for interpretation: in cities with populations over 15 thousand inhabitants no responsible of Area can become assessor or hire assignments as a member of institutions such as “Giunta and Consiglio della Regione” but also “Province or an association form between Municipalities having the same population, included in the same region as the local administration that conferred the task” and “steering bodies in the entities of private law in public scrutiny by the Region “.

Now his appointment has been reported to the ANAC with a complaint from Sergio Brenna, urban planner, candidate for the municipal of 3-4 October with Milan in the Municipality, left-wing list that has not elected anyone. The reason for this choice, which could be in contrast with the Anti-Corruption, for more delegation “politics” that it exists in a municipality is the subject of discussion in city politics. In particular in light of the fact that the former executive by choosing to be the commissioner will lose about 200 thousand euros in five years of salary and that the most obvious choice for the new number one in Urban Planning would have to fall in continuity with the previous mandate on Pierfrancesco Maran, the “Mister Preferences” of Democratic party, the most voted in all of Italy with over 9 thousand consents personal. One hung over Maran’s head fatwa, or rather two: on the one hand that of Sala who did not want councilors to the third term (but then Maran had to accept housing policies), on the other hand the opposition to the political dem of some of the most influential real estate agents Milanese who, as told by Daily fact, they had asked for its head in their private fora.

For days it was thought that the choice of Urban Planning would fall back on Filippo Barberis, leader of the Pd group in the city council, or on the architect Gabriele Rabaiotti della Lista Sala, former councilor for the House. Tancredi was chosen. A technician, who according to the 2018 Anac resolution would be incompatible. Among other things, two of Tancredi’s closest collaborators in Urban Planning, Giuseppe Gagliardo e Carolina Romanelli, they work today for one of the most powerful law firms of real estate and urban planning law, Belvedere Inzaghi & Partners. They took care of the legal-administrative aspects in the matches on Scalo Romana, Pirellino, the sale of a billion of Enpam’s assets and numerous others. Gagliardo in the Municipality has dealt with implementation planning, social housing, enhancement of public areas and buildings (Porto di Mare, Municipal farmhouses, affiliated hostel), urban planning agreement for housing services such as student housing, one of the hens that laid the golden eggs of Recovery Plan italiano, took part in the working group for the implementation of “Reinventing Cities” and the drafting of the implementation rules of the Milan Territory Government Plan. Carolina Romanelli, one of the leading experts in the city, was appointed in 2021 by the mayor Sala also in board of directors from M4. contacted the new councilor to ask if he had resigned from the managerial position or had any intention of doing so or if he had put himself in expectation. In the praetorian register of the Municipality, where there are all the documents updated to 12 October, the formal act of resignation or leave is not there. At the time of publication, Tancredi has not yet responded.

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