“An offense to Giovanni’s memory” – Corriere.it

“An offense to Giovanni’s memory” – Corriere.it
“An offense to Giovanni’s memory” – Corriere.it
from Alfio Sciacca

Giovanni Falcone’s sister and the letter to “La Sicilia”: “What alarms above all is that it seems that any sense of modesty and respect has now been lost”

For days Maria Falcone he had preferred silence. That the revelations contained in the book by Ilda Boccassini, on falling in love for Giovanni Falcone, had embittered her he had let him understand, without going further. Yesterday, for the first time, she spoke publicly on the front page of the newspaper Sicily. “What alarms first of all – writes the sister of the magistrate killed in Capaci – it seems that any sense of modesty and respect has now been lost, first of all of their own feelings (which are claimed to have been authentic), then of the life and intimate sphere of people who, unfortunately, are no longer there, can no longer express themselves on real or presumed episodes that are and that – are sure – they would have experienced this violation of the private as a profound offense ».

Maria Falcone writes to reply to the article
, always published on Sicily, by the writer Ottavio Cappellani whose tones irritated the magistrate’s sister. «So far I have preferred to avoid comments on a story that has made me very embittered – he writes -, believing that silence, in the face of such inopportune words, was the most sensible choice. However, when the limit is exceeded and, perhaps paradoxically with opposite ends, one arrives at inappropriate comments that end in ridicule it is, in my opinion, impossible not to reply ».

And again in reference to the article in question he adds: «I am not even able to understand the meaning well – perhaps it was intended to be a criticism of Doctor Boccassini’s book, but even reading it several times it is not clear – it seems to me that the limit has been exceeded. This imagining low-level sitcom skits, this describing two people, who have made composure and confidentiality rules of life and who were killed to defend democracy in our country, like ridiculous protagonists of a fourth-rate novel is shameful. In the name of freedom of expression of thought, the memory of those who are no longer there cannot be trampled and the sensitivity of those who have remained and every day must face a pain that cannot pass ».

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