Weak markets. Milan dodges sales

(Teleborsa) – The financial session of the European stock exchanges moves downwards, while Piazza Affari resists the wind of sales. Continue to navigate the Wall Street wave of uncertainty, with theS&P-500, which reports a cautious -0.01%.

Substantially stable theEuro / US dollar, which continues the session on the eve of the levels and stops at 1.154. L’Oro the session continues on the upside and advances to $ 1,768.1 per ounce. Slight increase for oil (Light Sweet Crude Oil), which shows a rise of 0.36%.

It Spread it takes a small step downwards, with a drop of 1.81% to +106 basis points, while the yield of the 10-year BTP stands at 0.91%.

Among the markets of the Old Continent modest descent for Frankfurt, which yields a small -0.38%, thoughtful London, with a fractional drop of 0.37%, and hesitates Paris, with a modest fall of 0.62%.

Piazza Affari remained substantially stable, continuing the session on the eve of the eve, with the FTSE MIB which stops at 25,965 points, while, on the contrary, the FTSE Italia All-Share proceeds in small steps, advancing to 28,464 points.

Slightly positive the FTSE Italia Mid Cap (+ 0.64%); with the same direction, positive the FTSE Italia Star (+0,81%).

Between best Italian stocks large cap, effervescent DiaSorin, with an increase of 3.66%.

Glowing Prysmian, which boasts an incisive increase of 3.18%.

In the foreground Saipem, which shows a strong increase of 2.68%.

Tonic A2A which shows a nice advantage of 1.80%.

The strongest sales, on the other hand, show up on STMicroelectronics, which continues trading at -1.45%.

Prey of the sellers Moncler, with a decrease of 1.16%.

Sales focus on Tenaris, which suffers a decline of 1.10%.

Lazy day for Atlantia, which marks a decline of 0.90%.

At the top among Italian stocks a mid cap, Sanlorenzo (+5,84%), The. (+3,67%), Anima Holding (+2,99%) e Alerion Clean Power (+2,69%).

The worst performances, on the other hand, are recorded on GVS, which gets -2.04%.

Sales on Mediaset, which recorded a decline of 1.84%.

Negative sitting for Garofalo Health Care, which shows a loss of 1.70%.

Under pressure Tod’s, which shows a drop of 1.06%.

Between macroeconomic variables heavier:

Tuesday 12/10/2021
01:50 Japan: Production prices, monthly (expected 0.3%; previous 0%)
08:00 UK: Unemployment rate (expected 4.5%; previous 4.6%)
08:00 UK: Unemployment benefits claims (formerly -58.6K units)
11:00 Germany: ZEW index (expected 24 points; preceding 26.5 points)

Wednesday 13/10/2021
01:50 Japan: Core machinery orders, monthly (expected 1.7%; previous 0.9%)
08:00 Germany: Consumption prices, monthly (previous 0%)
08:00 Germany: Consumer prices, annual (expected 4.1%; previous 3.9%).

(Teleborsa) 12-10-2021 16:00

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