five families with disabled people stuck in their homes

Five families with disabled people, trapped in their homes because there is no elevator. This is what the condominiums of the buildings denounce Ater of the Quarticciolo district of Rome: no possibility of letting disabled family members out if they do not take them by weight and carry them down the flights of stairs.

The building most affected by the situation is the one that refers to the Q staircase in via Ugento 4, in the V Municipio, where five out of twelve families have at least one person with a disability at home or motor difficulties. Without a lift, however, these people remain trapped in the house: “We are prisoners – explains one of the condominiums to the microphones of “Morning Five” -, it is difficult for me to bring down my wife who has Parkinson’s and has no strength in her legs, so it is difficult to get her down the stairs. If there was an elevator, being able to get out would do her good. “

A situation that has been dragging on for years and that it would not be impossible to solve: “The estimate for an external lift is around 20 thousand euros – explain the condominiums – but Ater has never done anything, because there would be no funds “.


families disabled people stuck homes

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