Other than the fascist galaxy. The No Vax chats praise the Br

Other than the fascist galaxy. The No Vax chats praise the Br
Other than the fascist galaxy. The No Vax chats praise the Br

I no pass they do not give up and after the clashes in Rome they say it plainly in the now famous chats on Telegram: “Saturday 9 October was just a preview“. They announce a crescendo of tensions in Italian cities to reach October 15 when, they say,”Sara war“. The Interior Ministry is organizing to avoid other hot squares such as those of Rome and Milan last weekend, they are preparing tight and tight controls on the demonstrations but on the other hand they do not seem willing to give up, get up, they consider the actions of the government as a challenge to them.

What a war it is, the way things are moving“, they say boldly making strength with each other. At the moment, in the Telegram groups and on Facebook they are organizing to take to the streets from October 15, the day in which the Green pass will become mandatory for all workers. They want to demonstrate to the bitter end and on October 19 a “round trip” in Montecitorio seems to be planned. There are many who push for peaceful protest but those who, on the other hand, want to get to a head-on clash are certainly not few. “You have to throw bombs at them to understand how to fight“, we read flowing in their speeches, often delusional, which praise the”grenades for riot cops“.

The two great processions on Saturday 9 took place in Milan and Rome. In both cities the demonstrators and the police reached the clash but it is in the capital that the fight has become tougher. “Next time you won’t find us with your bare hands“, threaten violent no passes, as if no paper bombs were dropped near Rome Montecitorio. And the buildings in Piazza Colonna are the target of some of the demonstrators, who in their intentions would like to occupy Palazzo Chigi and the parliament to push the politicians to step back. “Take the Palaces“, “Draghi, we’ll pick you up from the house“, we still read. But the objectives are much broader, because someone’s hope is that”brucino all those criminals in the square“.

But the strategy seems more complex than what it does not appear by merely reading these speeches, because scrolling through the chats one senses that the fronts on which they want to fight are many and they have no qualms in bringing the weakest to the streets to be used as human shields in front of them. to the police. “But if we put Senior citizens and children in front of the demonstrations, what will they do?“, someone asks. The people of”ready for everything“, as they are defined in some exchanges of views, has three main objectives: politics, the press and the police.

Journalists are defined “servants of power“, “slaves of the dictatorship“and here come the proposals of”break up“the editorial offices why”they say a lot of bullshit“, or”occupy the TV stations“The demonstrators in Milan were asked to go to Mediaset and Rai and journalists, as we saw on Saturday 9 October, risked being attacked by demonstrators while documenting the clashes on more than one occasion.

And so, among those who incite violence to the cry of “we hope to burn them all“, there are also the nostalgic ones, not only the black ones, who regret the years of lead:”Unfortunately, there are no more Br“. And there are also the diehards of the early 2000s:”I am here, no Global 100%, along with many others. I was then fighting for the rights of others who were born in other countries, today I am fighting for mine, where rights have been corrupted and negotiated for Big Pharma. Right now, I oppose the excessive power of multinationals. I don’t want to hear about black block“.

In the chats the threats they are no longer too veiled and not even the awareness that the groups are closely watched by the police who, in carrying out their work, control the most subversive fringes works as a deterrent. “Look them in the face and then wait for them under the house … See how it goes“, is the promise made to policemen, politicians and journalists.

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