That plan of the Rays that makes Conte tremble

That plan of the Rays that makes Conte tremble
That plan of the Rays that makes Conte tremble

The rumors they give continue to run after each other Virginia Raggi and the political universe that surrounds the ex-mayor of Rome in constant movement. The question is always the same: is the pentastellata willing to provoke or support a split from the rest of the 5 Star Movement? For now, the answer remains pending. Time will provide all the elements of the case. Certainly, the fact that the former mayor has reunited his is a further sign. The umpteenth proof of a profound distinction with respect to contism and therefore to the organic alliance with the Democratic Party and the construction of a so-called “Ulivo 2.0”.

The plan necessarily passes for the construction of a current, as we have told from the pages of in this period. And the meeting organized in these days can build the foundations. The initial goal may be the election to the Chamber of Deputies with the policies of 2023. But this would be a wait-and-see strategy, with the year and a half separating Virginia Raggi from entering the stage of national politics. Another hypothesis, however, provides for one break up in a short time, that is, immediately after the second round of the administrative, an appointment in which the grillina of the origins, so to speak, will avoid providing his electoral support to Roberto Gualtieri for the Campidoglio.

For a few hours now, as also revealed by theActed, we speak of a real summit summoned by the pentastellata exponent after the defeat suffered, which is causing further confusion within the context of the 5 Star Movement. At the Raggi home, we look at the grillism of the origins and at the “squares of the vaffa”, but also at civism. If only because of the contribution provided by the civic lists in the Roman result. An overall consensus of 7% – as the aforementioned source always remembers referring to civics – which constitutes a political heritage that the former mayor of Rome would like to avoid dispersing.

Meanwhile, one of the parties directly involved in this phase had his say on the position taken by the former tenant of the Capitol: “La Raggi – pointed out Roberto Gualtieri – says he wants to remain neutral, it is not a position against. I thank Conte and the exponents of the M5s who have expressed their esteem for me – added the center-left candidate for mayor -, then the Romans will decide. I am confident but also respectful. The ballot is not the first choice but a choice between two. “In short, optimism filters out from the Nazarene side, net of the attitude of Raggi, who in any case performed in a flop at the administrative offices, being however outgoing.

Then there is the board game, with the tour of Alessandro Di Battista now destined to leave. The former parliamentarian seems to be looking in the same direction as the Rays, but in an even less organic way. The fact that both are Roman, then, can provide assistance to the dialogue between two politicians who symbolize the birth of the 5 Star Movement as a protest party. In the interview with, the political scientist Panarari spoke of a tactic that could lead to the recovery of the “passwords” of a few years ago.

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