From Grillo’s blog a very hard attack on the Italy-USA link starts

From the Elevato website, the diplomat Cardilli accuses Italy of “servitude” to the United States. An attack on the Draghi government and the Euro-Atlantic relationship. Perhaps linked to the latest distances from the Silk Road?

As often happens when foreign policy has to do with it, Beppe Grillo he relies on Torquato Cardilli, former ambassador to Saudi Arabia in the early 2000s, converted to Islam. It happened in August, with the diplomat writing about a “dishonorable flight from Kabul”. It had happened a year and a half ago, when the Elevato had left to him the defense against the accusations of having received funds from the Venezuelan regime of Hugo Chavez.

It happens again today, with an article entitled “The deer and the horse” published on the website of the founder of the 5-star Movement (a place often frequented by admirers of the Chinese model and the Silk Road). With a comparison that jumps more than two millennia, starting from Magna Graecia and arriving after the war and to the present day, Cardilli accuses Italy of “subordination” in the era of the Cold War transformed “given the disproportion of forces and international weight, in an ancillary relationship of knight servant, landlord, servitude no longer justified due to the changed international conditions after the fall of the Berlin wall and the breakup of the USSR ”.

In Cardilli’s sights are the US military bases and NATO in Italy. “The question to ask the Government and Parliament today is whether they have ever put on the table the need for a political rebalancing in relations with the United States, which has always seen us in the role of groomers not only in military servitude in our territory, but also in involvement in all the disastrous military adventures abroad (Serbia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, etc.) ”, he writes.

And he argues that the rebalancing “should also include the legal and judicial aspects”, from the case of the marines to that of Giulio Regeni passing through that of Chico Forti. Episodes in which there was a lack of reciprocity on the American side, he argues, “despite the fact that our President of the Republic has granted more than one pardon to various American citizens accused of serious crimes committed in Italy or against Italians (killing of Calipari, kidnapping Abu Omar |, Cermis cable car, etc.) “.

Words that seem an attack by the diplomat, but also by Grillo, on the Euro-Atlantic policy of the government of Mario Draghi, in which the Foreign Minister plays a key role Luigi Di Maio, former political leader of the 5 Star Movement. Perhaps the recent positions taken in a key of removal from China have not been appreciated by the parts of the villa of Sant’Ilario.


Grillos blog hard attack ItalyUSA link starts

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