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11 October 2021 15:31


Once they entered the front door of the post office with the face partially distorted by a mask and dark glasses, they acted: one took a customer hostage behind the threat of a gun, while the accomplice climbed over the counter, taking possession of money of two speakers. This is the chronicle, documented by video images, of a robbery at the Casal Bruciato post office with thieves who, on 10 September last, risked escaping with a thousand euros.

Immediately after the fact, the agents of the Commissariat of Sant’Ippolito picked up the first facts by setting out on the hunt for the two robbers. The investigations, also conducted through technical-scientific activities, made it possible to identify in two Romans, a 58-year-old and a 40-year-old, the persons seriously suspected of having committed the robbery, as well as investigating a third party on the loose. Today, the police notified the two of the custody measures in prison issued by the Judge for Preliminary Investigations of the local Court.


escape Video

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