shock robbery at the post office, two arrests THE VIDEO

shock robbery at the post office, two arrests THE VIDEO
shock robbery at the post office, two arrests THE VIDEO

Moments of terror those experienced by a woman held in hostage under the threat of a gun during a robbery in a post office in the eastern quadrant of Rome. The bandits with their faces hidden by their masks and sunglasses entered and grabbed the customer. While one held her hostage by pointing her at the weapon, the accomplice jumped over the counter, managing to take the money from two boxes. The two then went away to the exit, always with the woman hostage, and finally fled.

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The scene, which took place on the morning of last September 10, was filmed by internal surveillance cameras. Fundamental document for the investigations, coordinated by the Rome Public Prosecutor’s Office, which led to the arrest of the robbers.

These are two Romans, a 58-year-old and a 40-year-old with numerous precedents, arrested and taken to prison today during an anti-theft operation, conducted by the Mobile Squad of the Rome Police Headquarters – “Crimes Against Heritage” Section – in collaboration with the “Sant’Ippolito” police station. Two measures of pre-trial detention in prison issued by the Judge for Preliminary Investigations of the local Court, following an in-depth reconstruction of the dynamics of the brutal robbery. A third man is currently under investigation on the loose.

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shock robbery post office arrests VIDEO

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