At the Galleria Milano the exhibition of the artist Betty Danon

At the Galleria Milano the exhibition of the artist Betty Danon, an Italian artist of Turkish origin.

After the success of the Enzo Mari exhibition, the Galleria Milano continues its path of philological research on artists with whom he collaborated in the seventies dedicating an anthology to Betty Danon (Istanbul, 1927-Milan, 2002).

Italian artist of Turkish origin, who moved to Italy in the 1950s, after an abstract pictorial beginning, was a central figure in the experimentation of visual poetry and then of Mail Art.

Polyglot, multicultural, far from the logic of the market and the dominant art system, for some years now it has been beginning to receive the right attention it deserves: the exhibition at the Galleria Milano intends to contribute to this ongoing process by reconstructing some of the fundamental stages of its poetics , shedding light on aspects of greatest interest that are still little known.

The exhibition itinerary in the Gallery begins with the geometric canvases made in the early 1970s (1971-1973), where geometric structures are formalized that reveal his interest in Jungian psychology and oriental philosophy.

These acrylics mainly in shades of gray-blue, which she called “atonal paintings”, were exhibited for the first time at the San Fedele Gallery in 1972 and coincided with her launch in the art world.

In his Declaration of poetics, the artist defines the circle as “departure”, “magical archetype”, “perfect eternal”, which breaks and decomposes dividing itself into perceptive games.

Sound, as is evident, is increasingly central to his work, so much so that his scores are also performed by other artists.

In 1979, Betty Danon sent cards to other artists on which she herself printed staves: about two hundred replied to her, from which Me & the Others, her first experience of Mail Art, which will become an exhibition at the Galleria Apollinaire di Guido The walnuts.

The operation has the applause of many but also attracts various criticisms: tired of the “magnificent world of art”, she withdraws from the environment of the galleries and continues her artistic research in the direction of Mail Art, generating an impressive amount of works, today an essential heritage.

The exhibition, enriched with various documentary material and presented by a catalog with an introductory text by Bianca Trevisan, is organized in collaboration with the Betty Danon Archive and the Tiziana Di Caro Gallery.

In a dedicated evening, the experimental musician Elio Marchesini will perform some pieces from the “abstract scores”.

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