“Punishing the agents who beat the demonstrators in Rome”

“Punishing the agents who beat the demonstrators in Rome”
“Punishing the agents who beat the demonstrators in Rome”

Alessandra Schilirò, suspended from service there deputy chief no Green Pass: iThe suspension was notified to you today. The policewoman on social media he asked to punish the policemen who beat the demonstrators in Rome: “Punish the agents who beat the demonstrators”. “As a citizen and as a trade unionist, I ask for the immediate punishment of the policemen who beat the demonstrators without any provocation!”, Alessandra Schilirò writes on her social channels, the anti-Green pass deputy superintendent who last month attended one of the demonstrations from the stage against the green certification of no green passes in San Giovanni in Rome.

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“Reprehensible behavior of some policemen”

“I’ve written it many times. Violence is inadmissible from wherever it comes – Schilirò underlines -. At first, out of good faith, I was deceived, but then I saw some videos showing a reprehensible behavior of some policemen! It is funny how I am persecuted and almost burned at the stake for having publicly manifested and free from service my thoughts, however, those who beat a citizen pass in silence. Why did no mainstream newspaper or television broadcast those scenes? Long live freedom! ».



Punishing agents beat demonstrators Rome

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