The Democratic Party wants to dissolve Forza Nuova: first accession from Forza Italia – Politics

The Democratic Party wants to dissolve Forza Nuova: first accession from Forza Italia – Politics
The Democratic Party wants to dissolve Forza Nuova: first accession from Forza Italia – Politics

Florence, 11 October 2021 – Parliamentary week is already complex and we are only on Monday. The devastation of last Saturday, with the assault on the headquarters of the CGIL a Roma, reopen an ancient debate: what to do with Forza Nuova, whose leaders were arrested after the clashes at the No Pass demonstrations? The proposed dissolution comes from the Democratic Party: “Forza Nuova must be dissolved urgently on the basis of the Constitution and the Scelba and Mancino laws.

In these days, as a Pd group, on the proposal of President Malpezzi, we will deposit a motion in the Senate asking that it be scheduled and voted on as soon as possible “, says the senator of the Democratic Party Valeria Fedeli: “The events of last Saturday, with the squadron assault on the national headquarters of the CGIL, coordinated and implemented by representatives of neo-fascist organizations such as Forza Nuova, bring back to the darkest and most dramatic moments of our history and represent a very serious and unacceptable attack on democracy “. With this motion “we want to speak to the country, hence also the adhesion to the petition launched on by the president of the Democratic Party Valentina Cuppi, and to all political, social, trade union, cultural forces to relaunch democratic values ​​and raise and strengthen the cultural barrier against all forms of subversive violence, fanaticism and extremism using all the tools that the law and the Constitution provide. It is in fact essential, today more than ever, that all civil society be involved and unanimous in the total condemnation of anyone who carries out subversive actions against democracy ”.

Gives Come on ItalyMeanwhile, the first adhesion arrives: “I have decided to sign, with the consent of the first signatory, Emanuele Fiano of the Democratic Party, the motion for the dissolution of Forza Nuova. I hope I’m not the only one in Forza Italia to do it, ”he says Elio Vito, deputy of Forza Italia: “It is important that the political forces do not divide themselves on the respect of the democratic and anti-fascist values ​​of our Constitution. And it is important that Forza Italia and the other center-right parties also recognize the relevance of the danger of the demonstrations and neo-fascist propaganda. The Republic was born from anti-fascism, which united the political forces, if today anti-fascism becomes only of one side, of the left, we, of the right, would end up betraying the sacrifice of the many Catholics and liberals who fought against the fascist regime ”Says Vito again.

Epperò, observes the group leader of the Brothers of Italy in the Chamber Francesco Lollobrigida, “Ordinary law assigns the responsibility to act with extreme speed and speed to the government. The government can undermine subversive organizations in this Republic, and if the Democratic Party has been in government for 10 years, why has it not acted with this tool? Brothers of Italy will not escape responsibility on behalf of the powers assigned to Parliament. If the government has to act, let the minister do it Lamorgese inform, Draghi gather the CDM and take action. There is no need to transform a clear indication that does not give Parliament the power to dissolve someone ”.

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