The sfascists –

The sfascists –
The sfascists –

More than fascists, let’s call them sfascists, the criminals who devastated Rome. Because on Saturday in the square there were not only some old tools of the far right. We understand that the left, short of ideas, has the electoral need to find an enemy at all costs, if possible the “absolute enemy”, that is, that fascism that died and was buried more than seventy years ago. In a few days we will return to the polls and, once the accusatory system of the Morisi case collapsed and the echo of the journalistic inquiries on Fidanza and Fdi ended, there was a need to resurrect the corpse of the black shirts to also hit the whole right, which with big heads of the Duce, fez and labari has nothing to do with it.

The assistance is offered by the squadrists who attacked the police trucks, devastated the headquarters of the CGIL and besieged the heart of the capital in the name of no one knows what freedom. Probably that of being criminals. An attack on the heart of the state and institutions that must be punished with the utmost rigor, not only with the sacrosanct arrests the next day, but possibly with intelligence and prevention.

But on Saturday in the squares, in addition to Forza Nuova, there were the most violent fringes of the ultras, the galaxy of the various “No” to everything – obviously starting from the vaccines and the green pass – and there were also the anarchists. Because the criminals attract each other, they are the labor force of violence at any cost, those who as soon as there is an opportunity take to the streets to break everything. In Milan, out of fifty stopped, half came from the galaxy of social centers. Even if it’s bad to say it and someone pretends not to know. Because the chic left loves to flirt with the most extreme wings and when the “best of youth” amuse themselves by devastating urban centers, there is always a climate of tolerance, the sickening refrain of “comrades who make mistakes” echoes. As if the red violence were a little less violent.

Here, we would like to see the bipartisan firmness with which the clashes in Rome were condemned always, in the face of every act of violence. We, from these columns, have always asked for the utmost severity for those who devastate cities: whether it is on the right or on the left. And we will continue to do so.


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