CGIL, Draghi in Rome meets Landini after the clashes in the Camera del Lavoro-

CGIL, Draghi in Rome meets Landini after the clashes in the Camera del Lavoro-
CGIL, Draghi in Rome meets Landini after the clashes in the Camera del Lavoro-

The prime minister visits the CGIL headquarters in the capital, attacked on Saturday by a group of demonstrators led by Forza Nuova leaders. Landini: “We will soon establish a calendar of meetings between trade unions and the government.”

“The past must not return.” These were the first words of Maurizio Landini, secretary of the CGIL, at the end of the meeting (which lasted about thirty minutes, ed) with the Prime Minister Mario Draghi in the national headquarters of the CGIL, in Rome. The Chamber of Labor of the Capital, on Saturday afternoon, was attacked by groups of violent people, on the day marked by the “No Green Pass” demonstration in Rome and by violent clashes in the city center. After the assault, some arrests were made, including those of the leaders of the Forza Nuova movement.

«I thanked President Draghi – added Landini – for the visit, which has a very important significance for what has happened. The president wanted to report the proximity of the entire government and of all institutions in condemning a past that does not want to return. It is not a foregone conclusion, but it is particularly important and significant ». Not only that, “we pointed out – Landini clarified – that on Saturday 16”, during the demonstration organized by the unions, “there will be a specific request for a provision for the dissolution of the political forces that refer to fascism as foreseen by the Constitution. A measure that we consider necessary ».

Draghi – who arrived shortly after noon – exchanged a hug with the secretary Landini, before visiting the union premises. At the center of the interview were also some requests from the trade union on the security and investment front linked to the National Resilience Recovery Plan: the premier “informed us that on the claims we have put on the table there will be a discussion by the government. We have also dealt with the open issues in the comparison with the CGIL, CISL and UIL, starting with safety in the workplace, investments by the NRP, the budget law, pensions and citizenship income. It will be defined in the next few days a calendar of meetings with Cgil, Cisl and Uil ».

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