Is the compulsory vaccine now possible in Italy due to Forza Nuova’s “fault”?

If it will not be possible to manage the obligation to green pass with common sense, and the tension that has been created suggests that this common sense is not enough, then perhaps it will be necessary to end up at the extreme ratio of the vaccination obligation, I always thought that you should do everything possible to avoid getting there, but actually the last resort is there”.

These words of Enrico Letta, pronounced on TV by the secretary of the PD in the aftermath of the clashes in Rome between law enforcement agencies and no green pass demonstrators, which culminated with the assault on the headquarters of the CGIL.

At the moment there are twelve people arrested including Roberto Fiore and Giuliano Castellino, or the top of Forza Nuova who was among the promoters of the Capitoline event against the imminent extension of the obligations linked to the green pass.

With politics that unanimously condemned the events in Rome, now those intellectuals are also in the sights, see Massimo Cacciari e Carlo Freccero, who in recent weeks had said they were critical of the new measures decided by the government.

After the assault on the CGIL headquarters which was allegedly led by Forza Nuova, the Taormina lawyer who defends Fiore and Castellino, however, speaks of “caution in carving out responsibilities on the heads of those stopped which could be unfounded”, Now not just any discussion on the green pass risks being traced back to the clashes, but it will also be easier to eventually field “l’extreme reason” of the mandatory vaccine.

Is the mandatory vaccine closer now?

They probably do not know, but the protesters of the green pass who attacked the headquarters of the CGIL have essentially put gravestone on every deal on the green certificate for workers.

At first the government was willing to go straight, but after the events in Rome now also the latest proposal launched by Matteo Salvini tampons valid for 72 hours appear destined to end up along a siding, with the minister Roberto Speranza which confirmed that for the moment the green pass will remain as it is “then we can evaluate and eventually change”.

The leaders of Forza Nuova, if really responsible for the raid on the headquarters of the union, have thus done a nice favore to all rigorists who have long been calling for compulsory vaccination in Italy.

After all, the fate of the gods lately is strange far-right parties in our country, which did not appear in the recent administrative elections, in Rome the former CasaPound still ranks with the League, however, promptly taking to the streets against the various health measures.

A strategy that certainly brought them visibility, but the events in the capital were a resounding own goal for those who, by demonstrating, hoped to be able to put pressure on the government:assault on the CGIL could thus become an argument in support of a possible mandatory vaccine, given that at the moment in Italy there are still over 8 million over 12 who have not received even a dose.

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