Italy, weather with further drop in temperature. Even over 15 ° C less in a week

It was heralded as a major weather change, and there it was. We have gone from temperatures significantly above average, to values ​​that are now below the reference standard. The mercury has collapsed even further 15 ° C in various Italian locations.

Valleys and mountains begin to turn white with frost in the morning. October is presenting cold with bad weather in Southern Italy, where an area of ​​low pressure more typical of the winter season is causing bad weather, with thunderstorms, hail, strong wind, and intense showers of rain.

On various areas of Southern Italy, in some of Sicily, the weather conditions are late autumn. The rains have arrived and are now repeating themselves frequently, and also appear widespread, helping to cancel the drought of the Mediterranean summer.

Elsewhere the weather conditions are good, there is no trace of bad weather, of sunny and even mild afternoons. As the nights begin to get cold, and especially in the north of Italy, the temperature has dropped to well below 10 ° C. In some areas of the Po Valley it is now not even very far 0 ° C as it had happened yesterday in central Europe, where this morning, however, the first frosts of the season begin to show themselves, with temperatures that have gone below zero.

We show you the temperatures recorded today at dawn in some Italian weather stations, and you will notice that even in the Central South, and in the Major Islands, the minimum temperature has dropped even by over 10 ° C.

Pian Rosa -5°C

Monte Cimone, Monte Terminillo -2°C

Paganella, Resia Pass 1°C

Cuneo-Levaldigi 2°C

Milan-Malpensa, Monte Scuro, Novara-Cameri 4°C

Bolzano, Turin-Caselle 5°C

Milan-Linate 6°C

Aviano, Bergamo-Orio Al Serio, Brescia-Montichiari, Frontone, Pisa-S Giusto, Verona-Villafranca 7°C

Grazzanise, Ronchi Dei Legionari, Viterbo 8°C

Amendola, Brescia-Ghedi, Gioia Del Colle, Lecce, Parma, Perugia, Udine-Rivolto 9°C

Bologna-Borgo Panigale, Cagliari-Elmas, Decimomannu, Frosinone, Elba Island-Monte Calamita, Naples-Capodichino, Olbia-Costa Smeralda, Pescara, Rome-Ciampino, Turin-Bric Della Croce, Treviso-S Angelo 10°C

Alghero, Bari-Palese Macchie, Brindisi, Cervia, Florence-Peretola, Latina, Pratica Di Mare, Treviso-Istrana, Venice-Tessera 11°C

Capri, Falconara, Grosseto, Rome Fiumicino 12°C

Catania-Fontanarossa 13°C

Genoa-Sestri, Lamezia Terme, Rimini 14°C

Capo Mele, Catania-Sigonella 15°C

Capo Bellavista, Messina, Reggio Calabria 16°C

Pantelleria 17°C

Palermo-Punta Raisi 18°C

Lampedusa, Trapani-Birgi 20°C

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