Clashes no green pass in Rome, the Draghi line: close on events –

Clashes no green pass in Rome, the Draghi line: close on events –
Clashes no green pass in Rome, the Draghi line: close on events –
from Fiorenza Sarzanini

After Saturday’s no green pass procession, which culminated in the assault on the CGIL, the green light for the demonstrations will have to come after a rigorous risk assessment. The premier: Four rioters cannot keep the institutions in check. Phone calls with the Minister of the Interior Lamorgese to understand the errors

The images considered intolerable are those of the demonstrators who attacked the CGIL door on Saturday evening in Rome, enter the offices and then show themselves in the videos transmitted via social media. They boast about the conquest, they claim to have carried out the attack. Snapshots of a black day that the Prime Minister Mario Draghi wanted to stigmatize in a clear way. Why can’t pass the idea that four troublemakers are keeping the institutions in check. The line drawn: now the strategy must change, the prevention system – this is the position of Palazzo Chigi – must be more incisive and attentive. The green light for the demonstrations will have to arrive after a rigorous assessment of the risks, limiting the parades to the maximum. No limitations to those who want to express dissent, but the rules must prevent the situation from degenerating, show that the State is there and intervenes to counter the violent, to crush extremism and the initiatives of those who aim to create tension and instability.

The underestimation

The Prime Minister spoke in these hours with the Minister of the Interior Luciana Lamorgese, with the Deputy Undersecretary Franco Gabrielli, with the closest collaborators. Nobody could deny the errors and underestimations. Because the safety device developed in view of the demonstration on Saturday in Piazza del Popolo in Rome provided that the participants could be at most three thousand and instead the police found themselves facing over ten thousand people, and hundreds of them are get out of control. But also because many sensitive targets have remained uncovered, no one has evidently considered it essential to protect the trade union offices with armored vehicles despite the Roman leader of Forza Nuova Giuliano Castellino had said he wanted to get right to the CGIL and was threatened from the stage: Tonight we will take Rome.

The mobilization

How possible – one wonders at Palazzo Chigi – that the intentions of the Forza Nuova leaders, the CasaPound extremists who participated in the event, those of the no vax and no green pass citizens who, recalled through social networks, have not been intercepted. wanted to express his anger by participating in the squad raid on the CGIL and in the attempt to reach the seat of government or Montecitorio.

The new protests

The next few days are expected to be difficult for the management of public order. Today the grassroots unions will be in the streets for a general strike, other no vax mobilizations have been scheduled and announced through social networks and messages sent via Telegram. On Friday 15 October the obligation of green pass for all workers is triggered, the protest could involve many cities. This is why the police chief Lamberto Giannini has already sensitized – as now happens almost daily – the police stations to the utmost attention of all those areas of discontent that could plan sensational actions, but also aggregate characters who aim to foment the fears and complaints of citizens . And Minister Lamorgese has convened for Wednesday a national committee for order and security that will serve to analyze what went wrong on Saturday, but above all to provide information to prevent similar situations from happening again to the police and the apparatuses of intelligence which have among their primary tasks the monitoring of the most dangerous environments for national security and the possibility of completing them with adequate tools.

I cut

During the acute phase of the pandemic, parades were forbidden and only sit-ins outdoors with masks and spacing were allowed, however in very special cases. Now that the health situation seems to have emerged from the serious crisis, it was decided to accept some requests for carrying out the demonstrations. An easing that was decided to drastically revise. And even the authorizations for static events can only be issued with real guarantees of respect for the rules by the organizers. It will be necessary to assess whether the requested place is adequate, whether there are possible escape routes in the event of clashes and the possibility of guarding the neighboring streets in order to prevent those who violently protest from going elsewhere. And, always, the list of places that could be targeted by those who protest must be drawn up, setting up a protective cordon. If it is believed that there are no conditions to guarantee safety, the demonstration must be forbidden, preventing in any way those who have submitted the request from being able to take to the streets anyway.

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