On the road: tappa a Manageritalia Lombardia

On the road: tappa a Manageritalia Lombardia
On the road: tappa a Manageritalia Lombardia

Lombardy: full speed ahead! Despite the restrictions and a first setback due to the pandemic, the region confirms its rapidly developing economic fabric. Manageritalia Lombardia, also thanks to the collaboration with the stakeholders of the territory, offers its members widespread services that are always in line with the needs of the period. We talk about it with the president of the territorial association, Paolo Scarpa.

How did your business restart after the summer break?
«The hallmark of Manageritalia Lombardia has always been that of meeting with associates. The possibility, from the end of August, of organizing events in presence has therefore allowed us to resume our activities with great energy. Of course, during the pandemic we still gave continuity to the appointments using all the technological means available, but we returned to the pleasure of meeting live: there are many events, online and not, scheduled until December. We have also taken advantage of the experiences gained in the period of restrictions, consolidating all the best practices to improve the accessibility, usability and personalization of services and events for members ».

According to your observatory, what is the situation regarding the employment of managers?
“From the start of the new council in October 2020 we have been preparing to face what seemed to be a sure employment emergency due to Covid. In reality, we can now say with satisfaction that this concern has not materialized: we are witnessing a constant growth of our membership base, so much so that at the end of August we reached the absolute record of associates in Lombardy ».

What services are currently most requested by managers? What are the news?
«The classic consultancy of a health, social security and trade union nature, etc. continue to be the most requested services by our associates, but lately WorldWideManager and SOS Manager are attracting increasing interest. WorldWideManager is the service dedicated to managers who move from Italy abroad, or vice versa: since 2018 it guarantees specific assistance on tax, social security, employment law, or even international family law issues with respect to destination countries. SOS Manager was born in 2021 with the aim of providing 360 ° psychological support to Manageritalia associates, to help them deal with the stresses of everyday life. In the last period, the request for active participation in our working groups has also grown, especially on issues related to innovation and sustainability ».

How are you collaborating on the territory with your stakeholders to contribute to the recovery and growth?
«The Lombard territory is very complex, not only in terms of size, but above all due to the socio-economic diversity of the various provinces. To respond systematically to all the peculiarities, Manageritalia Lombardia has further strengthened the teams of each province that are dedicated to organizing initiatives aimed at developing networking between members and stakeholders. In this way, moreover, the associates have more contact points to contact in order to use the Manageritalia Lombardia services ».

What are the economic prospects for Lombardy?
«Even in this post-pandemic restart phase, Lombardy is proving to be the real engine of Italy, with a rapidly developing economic fabric. And this is not only true for Milan, which with its excellence is there for all to see (in September the “Super Salone del Mobile” or “Fashion Week” filled the city with foreign and Italian operators), but equally also for the other Lombard provinces: each of them, each with its own peculiarities, showed signs of recovery that go beyond the rosiest expectations of just a few months ago. Despite the tensions on some raw materials and the attenuation of demand in some sectors, Lombardy has resumed the path interrupted with Covid: it is ready, today as always, to do its part for the relaunch of our country, first of all in the sectors in which it is the main hub in Italy, such as Research, Innovation and Training ».

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