Where will we end up with the Var?

The coach of Belgium after the defeat against Italy in the final for the third place of the Nations League, took a little surprise against the referee especially for the episode of the decisive penalty kick, granted to the Azzurri for the phallus of Castagne on Chiesa. Strong words from Martinez.

Roberto Martinez could not digest his Belgium’s defeat against Italy in the final for third place in the Nations League. The Belgian coach, did not take it out neither against bad luck (for the many woods), nor for defensive ingenuity, but he pointed the finger above all against the referee for a direction of the match considered not up to par. In the post-match interview, the recruiter expressed all his frustration.

The penalty kick granted for Castagne’s foul on Chiesa and then made by Berardi, which proved decisive for the Azzurri success, was not liked by Roberto Martinez. Although the images seem to agree with the referee (with his decision also confirmed by the Var check), the Belgian coach peremptorily expressed all his concerns: “I am disappointed with the way penalties were granted so easily, but I also wonder where football is going with the VAR. We have to trust the referee. The referee did not see the penalty against France, but the VAR did. If we look at today’s penalty, we see that it is not a penalty, but this time the VAR did not intervene. This is extremely frustrating “.

As if that were not enough then Martinez has increased the dose, asking more experienced referees: “I am always very respectful towards the referee, but in such a tournament it takes a lot of experience and referees who have already trod these stages are needed. Two advantages were not granted and there was a so-so performance, where rigor is the perfect example. “

Then analyzing the overall performance of his team, Martinez is satisfied: “The positive aspects of performance must also be analyzed. We weren’t calm enough in the two penalty areas, but overall the performance was positive. We reacted very well after the disadvantage, the team showed courage and personality. We need to do better despite questionable decisions “.



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