On the motion to dissolve Forza Nuova silence by Meloni and Salvini

On the motion to dissolve Forza Nuova silence by Meloni and Salvini
On the motion to dissolve Forza Nuova silence by Meloni and Salvini

With the smoke of the paper bombs still in the air, Enrico Letta had anticipated: “It’s time to dissolve Forza Nuova”. Twenty-four hours later, the Democratic Party is filing the text of the motion that tomorrow will deposit in Montecitorio and that will ask the Parliament to put on paper the existence of the legal prerequisites for the dissolution of the far-right organization, based on the Scelba Law. It is probable that the text will not give indications of method, keeping both legal possibilities open: dissolution on the basis of a sentence of the judiciary (the leaders of Forza Nuova were arrested this morning, and it is also investigated for terrorism) or by decree law that it can be issued by the government “in extraordinary cases of necessity and urgency”.

A double track also due to the need not to put excessive pressure on Draghi, already struggling with the political and organizational front of the entry into force of the green pass in the workplace next Friday. In essence, that of the Nazarene is a challenge to rally the “anti-fascist” forces and unearth the ambiguities of the Lega and FdI. And that up to now collects the support of Leu, the more prudent but clear one of the M5S leader Conte – “We entrust the evaluation to the judiciary, but the conditions are there” – the conditioned one of Italia Viva. “We are in favor of dissolving Forza Nuova – says Ettore Rosato – But let’s see how the text is written”.

In obvious embarrassment Giorgia Meloni, who participating in Madrid in an event organized by the ultra-nationalist party Vox climbs to define the urban guerrillas of yesterday “squadristi” certainly but the matrix who knows “will be fascist, not fascist, this is not the point” . The leader of FdI uses the diversion of the attack on Minister Lamorgese, a classic of the Salvinian repertoire: the problem is of public order, not of political ambiguity. Silence from Salvini and from all the leaders of the League, a party that yesterday came out last to condemn the clashes and express solidarity with the CGIL. Forza Italia less tepid: Berlusconi is the only center-right leader to personally call Landini. While Tajani at “In mezz’ora” reiterates the condemnation of the violence, the distance of Forza Nuova from the Azzurri. Cryptic, however, on the vote on the motion: “I think like Mattarella, the laws are already there and must be applied”.

Throughout the day the left goes (in vain) to the attack of leaguers and Melonians looking for a position. The Dem Fiano squabbles with the FdI group leader in the Lollobrigida Chamber: “Parliament has no power to dissolve any movement”, argues the second, “Do not turn around, we will see which side you are on,” replies the first. The point is obviously political. Dario Parrini, who works on the motion on behalf of the group leader Simona Malpezzi, explains: “Parliament will express an act of political orientation. We will write that there are the conditions for the dissolution and confiscation of Forza Nuova assets on the basis of the Scelba Law (which allows it in the event of the reconstitution of the fascist party, apologia or propaganda of fascism, ed). sharing and that others do not whistle “.

The precedents call home judgments of the judiciary: on November 21, 1973 thirty members of the New Order were sentenced, twenty-four hours after the neo-fascist organization was dissolved by decree of the then Minister of the Interior Paolo Emilio Taviani. One way is therefore to wait for the processes to unfold. The path of the decree, on the other hand, is unprecedented, and it would be a matter of interpreting “necessity and urgency” as a sort of civil war. Minister Lamorgese spoke of “subversive acts”, but at the moment it seems daring to hypothesize government intervention.

Forza Nuova, however, relaunches: “Until the Green pass is definitively withdrawn, the popular revolution will not stop its path, with or without us. Yesterday was a watershed between old and new, the people decided to raise the level of the clash ”. And the president Dem Valentina Cuppi, mayor of Marzabotto, tries to block their way in another way: by launching a petition on Change.Org to also dissolve CasaPound, Lealtà Action, Fiamma Tricolore “and all the parties and movements that refer to ideas and practices of fascism “.

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