Roberto Fiore, who is the leader of Forza Nuova arrested after the clashes-

Roberto Fiore, who is the leader of Forza Nuova arrested after the clashes-
Roberto Fiore, who is the leader of Forza Nuova arrested after the clashes-

I’m not Hitler. Never been a Nazi. Fascist Yes, instead, Roberto admitted Fiore on the sidelines of a demonstration against the Nigerians of Macerata, after the crime of Pamela Mastropietro. It’s still; I take responsibility for raising the bar clash political, of course, but it was our right not to remain silent in front of so many things: the dictatorship of the banks, Embraco, the ius soli. For I never raised the le hands against anyone.

After all, Fiore always does this, he drives them actions then philosophizes, like when three years ago, together with his comrades, he broke into a raid on La7, during Giovanni’s program Floris: We had uncovered faces. Uncovered faces are the first antidote to violence. Also on Saturday in front of the CGIL he was in front of everyone with his head uncovered, in fact photographers (including Digos) and televisions shot him. But then we saw how it ended: clashes and paper bombs were not lacking even this time.

Yet he, who still considers strategic for the growth of his movement this battle against the green pass, with blows of civil disobedience and also uncivilized, often and willingly does the feel-good: To young people enchanted by the idea of ​​violence I say that I lived them in the 70s and that the road wrong. The right way only politics. People take to the streets to distribute packs of food to those in need, not to shoot ….

Yeah, the years ‘70. In 1977 he joined Lotta Studentesca, the following year together with Giuseppe Dimitri and Gabriele Adinolfi he founded the subversive neo-fascist movement Third Position, who remained active until 1982. In 1980 he took refuge in London to escape an arrest order issued by the Public Prosecutor of Bologna investigating the massacre of the station on 2 August. then that begins the in the run in London also by Massimo Morsello, his alter ego: both, according to the judiciary, would have been part of the Nar, Revolutionary Armed Nuclei, but they had nothing to do with the massacre. In England they remain 20 years, with the status of political refugees. And Morsello, called “Massimino”, Who also composes in London Our Killer Songs – Songs from Exile, soundtrack of the generation of the Hobbit fields.

In 1985 Fiore was convicted of the crime of subversive association and armed gang, but England says no to extradition. In London Fiore moves well, has contacts, relationships that count. The European Commission of Inquiry into Racism and Xenophobia certifies its affiliation with MI6, the espionage for foreign countries of the United Kingdom. In the meantime, with Morsello he also founded the Meeting Point agency in London, connected with the Italian Easy London and specialized in trips of study in the British capital. Business is good: restaurants, real estate, a lot of money with which to finance the pro-life movements.

In 1997, again with Morsello, he created the political party Forza Nuova: the movement’s newspaper, Fight Sheet, was already circulating on May 6, 1998 among the ultrs at the Parco dei Principi on the night of the Lazio-Inter Uefa Cup final in Paris. In ’99, with prescribed crimes, Fiore returns to Italy and allies himself with the Social Alternative of Alessandra Mussolini, the granddaughter of the Duce. Even in 2008 he took his place in the European Parliament. But the Forza Nuova party does not breaks through never: at the 2013 policies Roberto Fiore as prime minister won just 0.26 percent of the votes and in 2019 it is even worse: 0.15 percent. Such a life: full squares (in short) and empty ballot boxes.

Also from arrested, his world, however, does not abandon it today: Solidariet al camerata Roberto Fiore, despite not having remained with him on excellent terms, expresses from Reggiolo, where three years ago he opened a Roman tavern, Maurizio Boccacci, 64, former leader of the now dissolved far-right group Militia and head of Western political movement, the organization of the Roman Naziskin with the hideout in via Domodossola dismembered in ’93 by the then Minister of the Interior Nicola Mancino after the clashes with the Jews of the Ghetto.

And he doesn’t even hide Giuseppe Meloni, called Pinuccio, a large Viking tattooed on his left forearm, former district councilor of the MSI and head of Boys of the Romanist Curva Sud in the early 90s, who is now 58 years old and on Saturday he was also at the No Green Pass event, but I am under investigation and I do not want to say more, of course you journalists exploited, you wrote that it was all organized by Forza Nuova and instead in the square there were families, normal people, in short the people. There were also social centers, those of left. And all without distinction have been beaten by the police.

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