“Castellino and Fiore did not attack CGIL”

“Castellino and Fiore did not attack CGIL”
“Castellino and Fiore did not attack CGIL”

“I am an eyewitness to what happened yesterday in Piazza del Popolo where there were many more than ten thousand people of various political backgrounds, as I could see myself: people who thought they had to demonstrate for the Green Pass issue”. The lawyer Carlo Taormina tells the Adnkronos. “The atmosphere was even joyful and festive, both on the part of the demonstrators but also on the part of the police, extremely courteous and correct with an attitude of not saying sharing but certainly of consideration. I myself took the floor – he continues – and then I leave around 5 pm: I don’t know everything that happened after, but as long as I was there it was a beautiful event “.

“I have seen all the recordings that have been made and sent to me. Of attacks made in a spurious and violent manner, even by the people who have been arrested, I personally have not seen. This does not mean that there have not been , but I have not encountered them. I will defend five of the arrested – announces the lawyer – including Giuliano Castellino and Roberto Fiore, but it will be very complicated to carry out this process because we really have to reconstruct well how things went, on the one hand the behavior of the arrested, on the other those of the police . I do not want to criminalize them, but I think it is also appropriate to be very cautious in carving out on the head of the arrested responsibilities that could turn out to be unfounded “.

“There was a long analysis of the videotaped materials before being able to reach conclusions, in particular for two of the arrested. It is a very confused, complicated situation – Taormina specifies – and that only a process carried out in a workmanlike manner can tell where the reasons and the faults lie. I received communication that it was a case of deferred arrest, these people were not caught committing crimes, but based on observations of subsequent facts that have traced back to the possibility who have participated. As for the assault on the CGIL, both Castellino and Fiore are present but in a detached position and not among those who made the assault“.

On the ‘government of national liberation’ in which the same lawyer had announced his participation, he says: “I have no reason to repudiate an initiative to which I think I have joined in a rational and useful way. What happened must be framed in political passion. – he explains – certainly does not question what is a very interesting project “.

(from Silvia Mancinelli)


Castellino Fiore attack CGIL

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