No Green Pass Milan, an arrest and 57 complaints for the unauthorized march

No Green Pass a Milano, one arrest and 57 complaints for the demonstration yesterday, which saw the participation of 5 thousand people “, but which was not authorized.” They met without warning “writes the Milan police headquarters. The procession yesterday crossed the city center, trying to block the circulation of trains in the station Central without succeeding.

a 25 year old from Milan was arrested for having “violently hit in the back “a policeman on duty front which reported a seven day prognosis. As many as 48 people, almost half of whom are area groups, were referred to the judicial authority for interruption of public service and private violence.

Six other people will be reported, as well as for the same crimes, also for instigation to disobey the laws and for unannounced demonstration. Finally, three other people reported, as well as for interruption of public service, incitement to disobey the laws, private violence, demonstration not foreseen also for the following crimes: insult to a public official, refusal of indications on one’s identity and resistance to a public official .


Green Pass Milan arrest complaints unauthorized march

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