Fiano, tomorrow motion to dissolve Forza Nuova – Politics

Fiano, tomorrow motion to dissolve Forza Nuova – Politics
Fiano, tomorrow motion to dissolve Forza Nuova – Politics

“Tomorrow we will present an urgent motion to the Chamber to ask for the dissolution of Forza Nuova and the other openly fascist movements”: this was announced by the deputy Pd Emanuele Fiano who participates in front of the Milan Chamber of Labor in the solidarity presidium of the national CGIL which yesterday was the headquarters were devastated during the no green pass protests.

“All those formations that refer to fascism must be dissolved and this is the time to say it clearly”, said the leader of the CGIL Maurizio Landini at the general assembly of the union.

“Yesterday’s assault on the CGIL headquarters was a small re-edition of what happened to the trade union offices and people’s homes at the hands of the fascists in preparation for the twenty-year period. History must not repeat itself and the government must intervene promptly to dissolve any association or party that persecutes, preaches and implements violence and fascism, as Forza Nuova does “. Thus the chairman of the Chamber’s Justice Commission Mario Perantoni, M5S deputy, a request already made by the secretary of the Pd Enrico Letta, as well as by the Anpi.

“Next week as a representative of the institution I will propose that the anti-fascist values ​​be included in the Statute of the Lazio Region, which is one of the few regions that did not have this constitutional call within it. On this too, it is time to change the page”, said the president of the Lazio Region Nicola Zingaretti on the sidelines of the general assembly of the CGIL.

“From those who lead parties that wink at certain” fascist “forces, we expect them to take a clear position: that they take action, not interviews,” said the mayor of Milan Giuseppe Sala who participated in the garrison of the Chamber of Labor. “Fascist people have been elected in Milan and Turin and this is not acceptable,” he added to applause. “I believe that Giorgia Meloni must act and throw out people who obviously do not represent the teachings of our Constitution,” he added, replying to journalists.

The request of the secretary of the CGIL Maurizio Landini to dissolve the organizations with references to fascism “seems to me a request that at this point finds elements of significant foundation”. This was stated by the Minister of Labor Andrea Orlando in La Spezia on the sidelines of the presentation of the crown at the monument to the victims of Labor. “It is quite clear that there is an attempt underway to use the tensions that exist in the country and hurl them against democratic institutions, against a garrison of labor such as the trade union such as the CGIL”.

“The Italian judiciary and our laws already foresee the elements and rules for acting against these associations. It is not up to me to replace the investigators or the judiciary. We are the party of legality, we are against what contrasts with the law but it is not up to me to decide, the Constitution assigns this right and duty to the judiciary “. Thus the group leader in the Chamber of FdI, Francesco Lollobrigida, commenting with the Ansa on the motion for the dissolution of Fn presented by the Pd Emanuele Fiano.

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