“In Milan elected of fascist matrix, it is unacceptable”

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October 10, 2021 11:47 am


“Fascist people have been elected in Milan and Turin and this is not acceptable”. Thus the mayor Beppe Sala during the garrison at the Chamber of Labor of Corso di Porta Vittoria, Sunday 10 October.

“From those who lead parties that wink at certain forces, we expect them to take a clear position: that they take action, not interviews – added the mayor -. I believe that Giorgia Meloni must act and throw out people who obviously do not represent the teachings of our Constitution “.

“I was really surprised to see those images and the statements of the councilor Chiara Valcepina”, continued the mayor referring to the investigation of Fanpage. “At the constitution of the Council – said Sala – I will ask the forces that support me to propose an act of firm condemnation of fascism to all the forces that sit in the city council”.

“For 12 weeks – Massimo Bonini, the secretary of the CGIL of Milan, underlined during the demonstration – there have been people who exploit the word freedom and paralyze the cities. We need to do more, avoid underestimation and not let our guard down”. “We are worried that there is an escalation,” Bonini said in recalling how the beginnings of fascism had seen attacks on the Chamber of Labor, similar to the one recorded on Saturday 9 October in Rome during the no green pass march.

“Tomorrow – declared the deputy Emanuele Fiano – the Democratic Party will present an urgent motion to the Chamber to ask for the dissolution by decree of Forza Nuova, it is no longer possible to tolerate in our country the fascist violence for which they are responsible, the attack of yesterday at the CGIL represents a point of no return “.


Milan elected fascist matrix unacceptable

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