“So let’s try to reopen” – Corriere.it

“So let’s try to reopen” – Corriere.it
“So let’s try to reopen” – Corriere.it

Add seats in the stalls, the limit to 50 percent of the audience is no longer there. Cinemas and theaters for some time they have been clamoring to be able to welcome as many spectators as there are armchairs and from Monday 11 October it will be like this: doors open, indeed wide open. It was time – he says Lionello Cerri, founder and CEO of Antaeus Space Cinema -. The green light could have come earlier. Halls are safe places, we have shown it since we were able to reopen, albeit with limited capacity and even more since it was introduced the green pass. In addition, we must comply with the public tracking obligation. Shows in serenity and safety, with the mask covering the nose and mouth and the green card to show at the ticket office.

The spectators

Viewers are hungry for new screenings. Which now, finally, are not lacking. In the summer there were few productions, but now many films are coming out. A call that cinephiles can’t resist. In recent weeks it has happened to have to send people away. The possibility of having 100% of available places filled will allow to satisfy more requests and to rebalance the accounts. It was not an easy period from an economic point of view – explains the owner of Antaeus -. Now culture needs to be enjoyed in the best way. With the city and the institutions it is necessary to take stock of the situation. The new rules are also a breath of fresh air for theaters. The news of the return to normal in terms of capacity allows us to look to the future with optimism – he says Matteo Forte, director of the National and Opera -. The desire to return to attend the shows is in fact strong and concrete. And, addressing the public directly, launches an appeal in support of workers in the entertainment world: For Christmas, but also for another type of celebration, book and give tickets for a theatrical performance, a film or any other cultural event. In this way you will ensure support for the sector. At the Scala, already on sale additional tickets for The Barber of Seville on Monday 11 October and for subsequent performances.

The locals

The law decree clears another tab of the pandemic era: dancing in the disco. We are back on track after a year and a half of immobility. Sure, you will be wider than in the past. The outdoor venues will be able to accommodate three quarters of pre-emergency customers, for those indoors, the capacity bar drops to 50 percent. Too little? We have been closed since February 2020 – remember Lorenzo Citterio, owner ofAlcatraz of via Valtellina -. Better than the 35 percent limit or standing still. Provided it is a step towards full recovery in a reasonable time. We work to open the dances on Friday. Citterio remembers that it will be set up one point quick swabs for dancers without green certification. And he advises everyone to buy the presale: only then will the entrance be guaranteed. But we will also be able to welcome the latest arrivals if we have not already reached the maximum threshold.

Live music

The world of live music instead dissatisfied. The decree is unclear, managers say. We are children of a lesser god, the Cinderella of the arts, attacks Roberto De Luca, president of Live Nation Italia, at the round table “The live sector between desire for music and restrictions”, organized by the Qn at the Villa Reale in Monza. We need simple answers, the CTS ruled that in live outdoor shows the capacity could be 100 percent, reading the decree is not clear. The limitation for indoor shows was also rejected. With 60 percent we are forced to postpone everything. It hits the same key Maurizio Salvadori, president of Trident Music: 60 percent for indoor arenas leads to nothing, because the majority of concerts sold out also messi.


If culture starts up again from 11 October, transport, schools and other services risk stopping due to the general strike called by the Cobas union. The demands: better working conditions, revaluation of pensions and, among other things, no to the release of layoffs and the suspension of income due to lack of green pass. The certification from Friday becomes mandatory to work and not just in your free time. The entertainment sector, in this case, was ahead of its time.

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