“How it ends on our table”, a terrifying video – Libero Quotidiano

“How it ends on our table”, a terrifying video – Libero Quotidiano
“How it ends on our table”, a terrifying video – Libero Quotidiano

Strip the News broadcast the investigation conducted by Max Laudadio on sustainable fishing. The latter should safeguard the sea and most of the human species, but obviously there are those who have found a way to operate at the limit of legality and exploit the business of endangered fish. As the bluefin tuna, which in 2010 was declared at risk of extinction: since then it has been fished in a sustainable way and respecting the quotas assigned by Europe to each fishing vessel.

Or so it should be: Laudadio has been busy for Strip the News tuna traps and rules often ignored by some fishing boats, which risk extinguishing the finest tuna found in the Mediterranean. The first stop was in Sicily, where the satirical news of Canale 5 documented how bluefin tuna is caught, while the second in Calabria, where a fisherman who preferred to remain anonymous made burning statements: “Tuna fisheries like to win easy, chase the pack with powerful sonar and destroy it entirely. They have a huge net with floats, they form a circle around the herd and take whatever ends up in it ”.

Once the tuna are caught, they then pass into a gigantic cage almost 80 meters deep, after which the journey that takes them from Italian to Maltese waters begins, where they are fattened beyond belief. This is because as the bluefin tuna is at risk of extinction, the more it weighs the more it is paid well: especially on the Japanese market, where it is not uncommon for a tuna to be paid millions.


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ends table terrifying video Libero Quotidiano

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