Sicily, the centrist and the bribe: here are the chats of the scandal

PALERMO – Attempted corruption to the Region, there are chats that burn in the system denounced by the councilor Manlio Messina, FdI and his right arm Roul Russo.

Chat that LiveSicilia has come into possession of. Dialogues on telegram confirming how much earlier had only been promised verbally: a bribe of 50 thousand euros. The conversations were supposed to self-destruct on telegram, but Roul Russo together with Manlio Messina made the screenshots.

As anticipated, it is a daughter of Palermo well READ, musician and candidate in municipal elections. A high-sounding surname, she is the one who keeps in touch with Roul Russo to convey the 50 thousand euros to be allocated to the councilor or to the party, in exchange for the approval of a project sponsored by the Region.


“The projects – says the centrist – as M. knows, are two”. Who is M. who would be aware of the two projects, one of which contains the trick to create a bribe? The intermediary immediately explains the mechanism underlying the projects: “One that costs 50 thousand euros less and the one that L. sent you, which costs 50 thousand euros more than the real costs”. A surcharge to get the bribe. But that’s not enough. The center musician continues the “sviolinata” and speaks of a “group” of supporters of the Brothers of Italy, listing the name of a company, Roma S., and of two characters, Morricone (but there could be a spelling error in the two “r”). and R .. In the following chat he goes into detail explaining that the bribe strategy was “to support” the Brothers of Italy and specifies that “he makes 50 thousand euros available to anyone you want”.


A “plus gift” to the councilor in charge of the department that disbursed the funds. “You – insists the intermediary – can manage this plus as you please”. A strategy suggested “by Roman characters, to support the Brothers of Italy in Sicily, but we have nothing to do with it,” he says.

Durissma answer

Roul Russo is adamant. “I don’t know who they are – he replies – neither supports nor dialogues on these things even remotely conceivable are acceptable, there is nothing to discuss”.

The centrist relaunches: “Helping a political force in which you have faith is not unacceptable, it will mean that they will do it in an obvious way and with a lot of invoice”. He then proposes a billed bribe.

The ambassador

“I am only an ambassador of the thing”, underlines the intermediary, which confirms its role in the attempted corruption. But Russo replies: “I don’t want to know anything”. The centrist tries to relaunch the “normal program”, without a bribe, but gets a new refusal: “I don’t think there is much to say”.

The ambassador

The ambassador’s father, or rather the intermediary of the bribe, does not stand by, after Roul Russo, on behalf of Manlio Messina, goes to report everything to the carabinieri in April 2021. He has an important surname, he doesn’t take it well. Manlio has behaved badly.


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