No Green pass, violent clashes in Rome. After the CGIL headquarters are devastated, the police load the vandals with fire hydrants

No Green pass, violent clashes in Rome. After the CGIL headquarters are devastated, the police load the vandals with fire hydrants
No Green pass, violent clashes in Rome. After the CGIL headquarters are devastated, the police load the vandals with fire hydrants

Stopped in the square that had been granted to them, after the notice communicated to the police station, they remained less than an hour. The intent was clear but it was underestimated. And what was supposed to be a static protest has turned into an urban warfare in the streets of downtown Roma as they have not seen for a long time. From dissent to Green pass which had to – once again – be expressed from a stage in a square, we passed in an instant to the launch of paper bombs, smoke bombs, glass bottles, sticks and pieces of iron against the State.

Green pass, the Regions: “Extend duration after buffer or October 15 risk chaos in companies”

No vax teacher suspended in Abruzzo because he did not have the Green Pass: “They also took away my salary”

The reconstruction

Shortly after 16 the demonstrators from Piazza del Popolo decide to move, they are led by the “Io Apro” movement – which even launches a direct social media announcing the “show” – but also from Forza Nuova. Among the Telegram chats we read: «Tonight we will take Rome». He’s always in the square, Giuliano Castellino who will be taken away in the evening by the police and stopped at the police station, together with his entourage who pushes and foments. So in a short time the wave of people – at least 6 thousand – begins to parade through the long avenues of Villa Borghese. They aim for the center and the police are unable to contain them. Arriving at Porta Pinciana, the demonstrators split: one party will attack the headquarters of the CGIL, guilty, according to this handful of exalted people, of not defending the workers who will be obliged from October 15 to present the Green pass in all public or private workplaces . They will destroy doors, windows and video surveillance systems in the hope of canceling every shot. The President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella will express his solidarity with the union by calling the national secretary Maurizio Landini and the Prime Minister will do the same. Mario Draghi: «Trade unions are a fundamental defense of democracy and workers’ rights. Any intimidation – reads a note from Palazzo Chigi – against them is unacceptable and must be rejected with absolute firmness ». The other front, on the other hand, continues straight along via Veneto. And it is here, when the group arrives at the foot of Piazza Barberini, that the first riots start and violence explodes. “Freedom, Freedom,” shout the protesters who, with their faces covered, grab bottles and everything that comes within range, starting to throw them at the police who respond with tear gas.

No Green pass Rome: risk underestimated, flop of the soft line. Few agents in Piazza del Popolo


Merchants barricade themselves in shops, tourists and families strolling through the center of the capital, on what must have been a normal Saturday in October, ask to enter to take shelter. Then there are the deviations that become difficult to control: via Sistina is targeted by a group of rioters, some shop windows are shattered. There is no way to stop them and they continue their descent. The goal is now clear: they aim to get to piazza Montecitorio and the procession parades along via del Tritone. Meter by meter the situation becomes more and more incandescent, the paper bombs increase and the response with tear gas increases. The air is almost unbreathable. A police officer is injured. The same scenes are repeated in Milan where other protesters against the green certificate always try to break through the police cordons to access the Central station and block traffic. The offices leave here as in Rome.

An armored vehicle in Piazza Colonna it is placed in front of the main entrance of Palazzo Chigi, there is no recent memory that can remember this image. The demonstrators are pushed back with fire hydrants and the first rioters are stopped, loaded and taken to the police station. At the end of the evening the bill will be high: more than fifteen people identified, four arrests. But they do not give up and in addition to the guerrilla warfare on Largo Chigi another one is triggered on Via del Corso reached by other demonstrators who have actually invaded the streets of the center of the capital. People grab cobblestones and shovels from a nearby road construction site, the offense starts again: it’s 9pm. Montecitorio has been surrounded for hours now. From the political world comes the strong bipartisan condemnation but in the square there is everything: right-wing extremists, people who define themselves as “anarchists”, young people from social centers who accuse the government of violating individual freedoms while they, the protesters, feel authorized for more than four hours to violently hold Rome and Milan.

The outrage in Rome / Subversive sparks not to be underestimated


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