Turin, policemen attacked with bites and bars by twenty tenants during a search – Corriere.it

Turin, policemen attacked with bites and bars by twenty tenants during a search – Corriere.it
Turin, policemen attacked with bites and bars by twenty tenants during a search – Corriere.it

A search in an accommodation in Corso Regina Margherita 162 sparked the revolt of about twenty tenants who attacked three policemen with kicks, punches and bolted on the head. One of the officers was bitten in the arm by the mother of a young man who was found in possession of drugs. Another policeman risked being thrown down the balcony, while two attackers tried to get hold of the service guns.

Eventually the three officers were hospitalized with nose fractures, bruises, and a prognosis of 10 and 15 days.

Saber, the 21-year-old Italian citizen found in possession of 7 grams of hashish and a can of stinging spray, was arrested along with his 30-year-old brother Jawad who tried to prevent the police from entering.

Abdessalem Haj Salem, 38, also ended up in handcuffs with a previous murder conviction, identified as one of the two men who tried to steal the gun.

It all started with a normal check between corso Regina Margherita and corso Valdocco, where a Mobile patrol stopped Saber. Seeing him particularly agitated, the policemen decided to search his apartment as well, but his older brother Jawad claimed they were not entitled to it. The thirty-year-old of Moroccan origin called his neighbors for help and at that point the situation degenerated. The agents were surrounded and forced to handcuff Saber to the doorknob to defend himself.

During the attack, first Jawad and then Salem grabbed the guns of two agents and Jawad even managed to get hold of the magazine. The arrival of other reinforcement patrols made the attackers flee and, when the cops went up to the second floor, there was no trace of Saber. The door handle had been ripped open to free him and the quarters were empty. Haj was tracked down while trying to escape and Saber was hiding in the back of a pickup truck.

Jawad instead delivered himself shortly after thanks to the intermediation of his father. The three arrested must answer, for various reasons, for resistance, injury, attempted robbery and possession of drugs for the purpose of dealing.

The clash between criminals and law enforcement is getting worse and more and more we count men of the state seriously injured by aggression – declares the secretary of the police union Siulp Eugenio Bravo – The situation is unsustainable. We wonder how law enforcement agencies can guarantee the safety of others if they are now having serious difficulties in guaranteeing their own.

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Turin policemen attacked bites bars twenty tenants search Corriereit

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