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The faces of the doctors are wasted. The pandemic has dug deep wrinkles that can be seen under the mask. They became doctors in peacetime. They were equipped to carry out their mission in peacetime. And they faced a frightening war that broke out before anyone had time to declare it. Wars pierce those who do not kill, in the atmosphere of death that surrounds them. It is one thing to cure, facing the pain that crystallizes as a result, when it is obligatory to go there. Another is to see black bags continually coming out of the wards. And there are people inside.

The faces of the doctors are pulled. But yesterday, in the start of the third doses at the Mediterranean Fair, they relaxed. Vaccines make people happy who think and act with full knowledge of the facts. Vaccines have, so far, avoided the Covid catastrophe. This is an indisputable fact that no hoax will ever be able to question.

“We retraced what happened, as in a kind of psychodrama – says the doctor Renato Costa, the commissioner for the Covid emergency and landlord -. I have seen many friends again. We stood in front of our scoreboard and relived everything. The very bad moments and those of relief. We remembered June, when the Delta variant occurred in Sicily. We are in a very important moment and we must continue to be cautious. I believe that by October we will open up to other categories for the third dose, we have to run ”.

The doctors found each other as each arrived from his battlefield. A way to give temporal depth to the tragedy and feel a little less crushed by it. This is what was the start of the third doses to the most exposed health workers, at the hub of the Fair which is perhaps the place that best tells what happened. From leisure, to oblivion, to the trenches. They stood side by side to give each other the vaccine. Then they gathered in front of the board that tells the progress of a pandemic, like students for the final question. And they saw in effigy, for the first time, the pain they experienced, perhaps feeling relief.

They looked at each other. One last sign before the farewell. They have always known each other. They started the next street, studying difficult books with many indigestible photographs. And here they are, all together. Young and old. First-rate sailors and wolves of the sea. They shared the vaccine party and only the pizzas, Fanta and chips were missing. They hugged each other from a distance with their hand over their hearts. Our doctors returned home happy, with beautiful dancing music in their ears. They deserve it.

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