Quirinale, strategies and secret contacts – Corriere.it

Quirinale, strategies and secret contacts – Corriere.it
Quirinale, strategies and secret contacts – Corriere.it
from Roberto Gressi

Salvini, Letta, Renzi and more: many aspiring «kingmakers». And then: the Draghi factor, Casini’s chances and the idea of ​​a woman out of political parties

The Quirinale next coming looks like one of those puzzles where there is one who says no but means yes, the other says yes but means no and a third who says yes and no, and alternately lies or tells the truth. But the search for a solution is underway, including first prudent contacts, plans A and plans B, and gymnastics who are aware that, in any case, they avoid the risk of (too) early elections. So much so as to imagine early pronouncements, by people in the odor of the Quirinale, on the absolute need to complete the legislature.

Matteo Salvini he has every intention of playing the game as a protagonist, of “putting his head in it” and bringing the center-right united to the final choice. Precisely for this reason, at the first votes, he will bring the League together to support Silvio Berlusconi. Difficult candidacy, making and re-counting the abacus leaves him at least forty votes down even when, after the third call, an absolute majority of 505 electors will suffice.

Without neglecting then that, with the legislature winding down, a president (from any side) who was born with a shoulder could prove weak when the new Parliament arrives. Meanwhile Salvini is clear in his head that, unless the earth opens, he will not leave the majority he supports Mario Draghi. He joined to tackle the pandemic, for the National Recovery and Resilience Plan and precisely to try to give the cards for the Quirinale, and he intends to stay there.

He does not believe in early elections, even if the tenant of Palazzo Chigi moves to the Colle, but it would be very unlikely that he would support the government that would follow, perhaps led by the Minister of Economy Daniele Franco. And with Giorgia Meloni it would oppose a new proportional electoral law, while it would open the doors to the return of the «Mattarellum».

The leader of the League is not the only aspirant kingmaker, there are many, at least as many as there are those who think that the new president’s suit is precisely cut out on their figure. In the Democratic Party, for example, there are many who have a respectable curriculum. It is one of the reasons that pushes the secretary Enrico Letta walking on eggs. Also because the favorable result of the recent elections, in addition to a small number of large voters, especially after the Renzian split, makes it very difficult to find a qualified majority ready to give him the Colle. He remains steadfast in his decision: he does not speak of Quirinale until January.

In his party the closeness to the Prime Minister is noted but he is also invited to look at his first movements in recent months. Two women group leaders in the Chamber and the Senate, a woman on the Rai board of directors, three women among the guarantors of the Agora. And what if, among his alternative plans, there was also that of proposing a woman for the highest hill? It might not be a party figure, but a name to keep covered until the last minute.

The five stars represent the biggest unknown. In administrative crisis, but in Parliament they are still an army, so much so that it is not easy to elect a President of the Republic without or against them. What their position will be remains a puzzle at the moment, also why Giuseppe Conte is still far from holding the rudder, while winds of splitting and con blow Beppe Grillo that could come up with one of his unsettling inventions sooner or later.

Observers also fear the repetition of the refrain according to which “supporting this government is not convenient for us”, but the idea that someone cultivates to go to the elections collides with frightening polls.

Meanwhile Sergio Mattarella, as he told on Courier service Tommaso Labate, is looking for a house to rent and has repeatedly motivated his no to a second term. A single ballot was enough to elect Francesco Cossiga and Carlo Azeglio Ciampi, but it took twenty-three to send Giovanni Leone to Colle. If Parliament were to wrap it up and before the citizens uncover Montecitorio, in that house one would have to go and look for him with his hat in hand so that he would agree to go back to his decision.

But there are also those who work for another solution. Italia viva is the most active formation in these first stirrings of the presidential race. The name of Mario Draghi is obligatory for them, but they see them linked, alone together with Giorgia Meloni, to the early elections. And then the other plan contemplates, it is not a mystery, the search for a broad consensus for Pier Ferdinando Casini. But, here is the news, they are convinced that the center-right is currently the most qualified formation to guide the choice. And then the kingmaker, the man who proposes it, should be Matteo Salvini.

Elections with a natural expiration, time for everyone to organize alliances, with an eye also to the change in the electoral law. It is not easy for many, for example the Democratic Party, to digest an operation that is too Renziano and then, especially in the center-right but not only, names are made that are simply destined to make up numbers. And in the corridors there are also rumors about the lawyer Paola Severino, who, however, would have the problem that the law that kept Berlusconi out of the Senate bears her name.

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