“For the Jews more pity because they had banks” – Corriere.it

“For the Jews more pity because they had banks” – Corriere.it
“For the Jews more pity because they had banks” – Corriere.it

On the day he collects the willingness of Guido Bertolaso ​​to support him in case he prevails in the race to the Capitol, the candidate of the center right Enrico Michetti is overwhelmed by a controversy about the Shoah, born from an article of his last year and recovered from The posteron the Radio Radio website, the broadcaster where the administrative lawyer stood out, earning the candidacy and the nickname of “tribune”.

«Every year 40 films on the Holocaust are filmed and financed, journeys of memory, cultural initiatives of all kinds in memory of that horrendous persecution – wrote Michetti -. Maximum respect for those who have been slaughtered by murderous barbarians but I wonder why the same pity and the same consideration is not given to the dead killed in the sinkholes, in the refugee camps, in the mass killings that still bloody the planet? ».

The article, entitled «Do-gooders by chance or for interest?», He continued: «Perhaps because they did not own banks, perhaps because they did not belong to lobbies capable of deciding the fate of the planet, perhaps because some inconvenient compromise had to be hidden? Making cynical and opportunistic distinctions is ignoble and shameful ».

“His phrases are shameful,” attacked Alessandro Onorato, coordinator of the civic list for Gualtieri – Linking the Jewish people to lobbies or banks is an old cliché to which the right continues to wink “. «The Italian right has nominated an anti-Semite like Michetti for mayor of the capital of Italy», Adds Andrea Romano of the Democratic Party. Carlo Calenda is also very critical, in whose electorate the Roman center-right hopes to find the votes to prevail in the second round: «This“ article ”by Enrico Michetti is much more serious than the usual nonsense about Rome and the nonexistent or copied program. Repeating the clichés of anti-Semitism is not tolerable ». The hardest president of the Union of Italian Jewish Communities, Noemi Di Segni: “The thought that our city institutions are led by people whose thinking is steeped in prejudice makes one tremble. Culture of dialogue and education in the memory of what fascism once was are key points at the basis of electoral choices as well “.

Paolo Trancassini, deputy of the Brothers of Italy, speaks of “instrumental accusations by the left, which it is afraid of losing”. Just yesterday, in an interview with Corriere della Sera, the leader of FdI, Giorgia Meloni, who wanted Michetti for the race for mayor, said: «In our DNA there are no fascist, racist, anti-Semitic nostalgia. The nostalgics of fascism are only useful idiots of the left, who use them to mobilize their electorate ».

In the evening, Michetti replied: «The Shoah was unique in its inhumanity, the lowest point in history. It takes the utmost vigilance and unity of all against all forms of anti-Semitism so that what happened never happens again. Remembering other tragedies in history it does not add or take anything away from the Holocaust which is unique».

The lawyer’s election day began with a visit to the “Iron Bridge” which burned down a week ago and where on April 7, 1944 the Nazi-Fascists killed ten women. Michetti would like to name streets and dedicate events to them. And in the hours when the totonomine goes crazy for the teams of aspiring mayors, the lawyer announced that he wanted to propose Guido Bertolaso, the former head of the Civil Protection “The best technician we have in Italy” as commissioner for waste and for the organization of the 2025 Jubilee.

Bertolaso’s participation is enthusiastic: «If Michetti were to win and if the Prime Minister deems it appropriate that I have to work for my city, I certainly wouldn’t hold back. Michetti is Roman from ‘Rome and I would work for free day and night. If Gualtieri wins, they will appoint another commissioner … Someone like Arcuri or something like that ». Enthusiasm returned by Michetti: «Thanks Guido, together we will raise Rome».

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Jews pity banks Corriereit

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