books in the park, shows and improvised debates –

books in the park, shows and improvised debates –
books in the park, shows and improvised debates –

If it were a movie, it would be one revised and in any case cultured version of “My friends”, a masterpiece on the art of fool around by Mario Monicelli. The cliché to be disassembled this time is that of the lawyer in tie, starched and substantially swamped in the usual business discussions. So some friends from Sicily with fury (in the sense that in the meantime in Milan they have made a lot of career) a few years ago they gave birth “The Sicilianuzzi”. Every month they find themselves in an ever-changing location to discuss the changing world together. A room of intellectual contamination but also of friendship. «The challenge is not to take ourselves seriously, but to confront ourselves on something that is serious. In short, let’s question the concept of seriousness », he says Carmelo Fontana, 42, who works as a lawyer at Google and with the other founders he has known each other for a lifetime.

The structure is purely convivial and for once not hanging from the schemes of social networks, since the appointments are exchanged by email. The last one on the agenda went on stage on Wednesday, first at Pusterla and then with a lunch break at Parco Sempione to discuss, with a smile, Ivan Allegranti’s debut book in a bucolic way. The pretext? A family law manual explained through fairy tales. But, as always, that’s just the starting point.

The meeting places change and become a kind of journey set by the landlord. “We did a series of evenings with the stories of successful former lawyers who have laundered themselves with equal fortunes.” Then the stop on the Viacom terrace in Corso Matteotti, in the studios of Sky or in those of Warner. Then Vodafone, eBay and also on the Stock Exchange, in the heart of the trading floor. It is enough to have registered an insider who opens the doors wide. “The landlord at one class takes the floor and shares a story, a reflection or a lived experience: we talk about technology, social phenomena, art, history and, only sometimes, also about law – continues Carmelo – . In some cases an external guest presents his next theatrical show or tells the long historical research behind a novel or why the job market will be revolutionized by artificial intelligence ».

Party with the formula of the four friends at the bar now at least forty lawyers participate with irregular intervals. The veto of the Sicilian license has also fallen, as well the group became “Sicilianuzzi & Friends”. “The unwritten rule is to add a maximum of one person per appointment, because we do not want to lose the spirit and the initial philosophy which is to rejuvenate the way in which professionals interact with each other, going beyond self-interest”, adds Dario Alfieri, lawyer of the Disney group. Usually this kind of chat starts with duty and then comes the pleasure of a toast or an aperitif, relying on the blackmail of refreshments at the end: “We instead reverse the formula: we start with a parmigiana or other kinds of comfort food, then, only after coffee, we move on to more serious things », concludes Fontana.

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